• L0CKED334

    I have found myself watching a lot of short horror films that have been posted to YouTube. I have noticed that there are a lot of talented film makers that are touching on elements we write about a lot. I thought I would take the time to review a few over the next few days to give you folks an idea of what to expect if you go searching.

    Plot: You are immediately placed in a cozy family setting during Christmas. Everyone appears normal in the first scene but you soon realize something is wrong. You get hints of what it might be as the story progresses but you will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. I was so sure I knew how the end would play out but I loved the twist and I think you will too.

    Acting: The mother plays it straight and I ca…

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  • Banned In CP

    Just something I've been thinking about lately is the elasticity of creepypasta, and how sometimes it's not even horror at all.

    What? But it has the word "creepy" in it's name! It's defined by terror, they are the campfire tales of the internet. Right?

    I don't think so. And I don't think I'm talking out of my ass here when I say it, because I've been reading them for years and written several of myself. And an interesting thing is that often times, creepypastas aren't what you would think of it as being. Sometimes, it's not even horror at all. Sure, when it was at it's peak popularity you had stuff like Russian Sleep Experiment and Ben Drowned. Sure, those fit the idea of CP, because they feel like campfire tales for the internet. But where …

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  • Just a Guy That Likes Creepypastas

    It's one of the best ones I've ever read, yet I can't seem to remember the name. Here's a description:

    It's about a man documenting his experiences as the only sane person in a world where people are eating rotten meat only for their heads to swell up and giant flies to burst out. There's a section near the end where the protagonist has to fight these weird meat creatures as he's going up a tower (I think? I read it a while ago).

    I know the description's kind of vague, but can anyone tell me which pasta this is?

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  • Irenestark2k17

    WELL, look at that! The anthology I am in *finally* released and I can't be more proud. It's up on amazon here:

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  • Spread Positivity


    January 13, 2019 by Spread Positivity

    my pasta got deleated and just welp. cool. it was poorly written and i will improve.

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  • Spread Positivity

    Creepy pasta

    January 13, 2019 by Spread Positivity

    just what is your favorite?

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  • KIWI1972

    Can someone please explain to me why people ship Jeff The Killer and Homicidal Liu? This is just incest.

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  • Angrybirdsfan2005 MVGP

    It is I, Angrybirdsfan2005 and today, I will be discussing if Normal Porn For Normal People exists.

    While I discuss if the site exists, I was doing my spare time finding the videos listed below.

    • Peanut.avi
    • Lickedclean.avi
    • Jimbo.avi
    • Dianna.avi
    • Jessica.avi
    • Tounguetied.avi
    • Stumps.avi
    • Privacy.avi
    • Useless.avi

    And I looked for Useless.avi and I never found the real video on YouTube, same goes for the rest, as I was matching it up with the story, none of these seem to match the length and story.

    Although, Someone might find the real videos one day.

    I found a playlist where someone goes on the site

    No, It does not match with the story, neither do these videos, in the sto…

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  • PoliteYT

    New Day, New Way

    January 7, 2019 by PoliteYT

    Today I have made my first Creepypasta Wiki account. 

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  • Helel ben Shahaar

    Hello there, my dear minions. Today, Uncle Hel will give you several pieces of writing advice on how to make the most out of fear factor in your creepypastas.

    Before we begin, I just want to clarify that what I am about to say here is largely subjective: it only covers my knowledge and preferences. Even so, it is very versatile, and will serve you fine in most situations.

    • Stephen King defined three different kinds of horror. They are:
      • Gross-out: this type of horror plays on the disgust. Things such as dismemberment, disembowelment, gore, biological horrors (such as boils, cancers, rot and decay). In short this is a horror that is based around the flesh. Some of the best examples of Gross-out horror include: Dogscape; Chimerical; It Breathes, …
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