• KillaHawke1


    July 13, 2018 by KillaHawke1

    La Bruja This story was two years in the makings and is very special to me. It began with my weekly visits with my grandmother. She used to love to tell stories, more than I could possibly count. Some were about when she was a little girl or tales of the "old days", but more than often she would spin tales like this one. She loved telling stories, the more scary the better.Together, we soon set about to create our own folk tale....hence the Bruja was born and her disturbing backstory came to be.

    Last fall, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was gone in 4 months....Just like that. It is such a cruel disease. Anyways, it is one of my greatest regrets that I did not finish this before she passed. She would have been so proud. So, it…

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  • Squidmanescape

    Yeah, this should have been a discussion post instead. I'm sorry for posting this here.

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  • Helel ben Shahaar

    I wasn't really gonna talk about this. Sounded much too pathetic and dramatic to mention. Still kinda does.

    But in these two years on the Wiki, I came to realize some things: some people I met here, are some of the nicest, funniest, sweetest, smartest, and overal best people I've met in my life. And although we've never seen face to face, I consider some of you as my second family.

    And as such, I think it's fair I that you should know what happened.

    How I almost left you. For good.


    It was two, almost three days since then. I was in the hills, doing the single most god-awful job I could do: woodcutting. Might not sound so bad, but coupled with facts that it was only three of us (67, 51, and 20 years old, respectively) against 20m2 of logs an…

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  • HumboldtLycanthrope

    As many of you may have heard, there is talk of a Creepypasta Convention going around. A CreepyCon, if you will.

    Well, I've been talking with Cleric and Banning and Shadow and Christian and Belal and we've all come to the decision that if you want to be involved you will have to get the official Creepypasta Tattoo.

    All the admins are getting theirs now.

    Unfortunately, Empy had a close runin with death when he got his last tattoo and this has somehow turned him into a pussy and he won't be getting another. But he's not an admin here anymore anyway, so, fuck him.

    Here's a photo of mine. I have the artwork for everyone planning to attend the convention. Just private message me to get the template.

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  • Emeryy

    11 Miles Spin-Offs

    July 11, 2018 by Emeryy

    Hello everyone,

    I've come back from the dead to give an answer to a semi-common question I get, and I thought a blog post connected to my page would be the best place. Over the past few months, I've received messages from people asking if they can create a spin-off of 11 Miles, a story I wrote years ago. I've gotten a one or two of these questions in the past years, but they have become slightly more common. Perhaps this is because of the clickbait "11 MILES 3AM CHALLENGE" videos that seem to keep popping up. I used to just receive them on my message page here, but I've gotten more on my Facebook messages and some in my old email (don't know how people found that one).

    Since I'm not really active here anymore and don't check that email much,…

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  • DrBobSmith

    I recently saw an otherwise perfectly decent Pasta as Marked for Review with a complaint about the case of the title. For those who aren't sure about the rules and want to do it right, here are three web pages to go to. The first two will even do the conversions for you.

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  • Good tails doll

    Hello everybody im here to announce my horror tales Wikia! where Horror is our main subject. in this wikia you can post anything that is horror related. No im not competing against creepypasta wikia in any way. because it would be close to impossible to beat this wikia.

    I decided to create this Wikia to make my own stories without them getting deleted and to express my imagination.

    If you make a horror story on my Wikia it could be voted as one of the best horror stories if it does become the best it will be narrated on a video of my channel called Soulz Studios and you will be credited.

    So if you like the idea or just want to check it out then click on this link

    Also look closely at the guide…

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  • Perturbed Maverick

    My name is Perturbed Maverick, I am 17 years of age, and I would like to announce that I will be competing with the Creepypasta Wiki with my own Wiki.....The Mariana Trench! The site is in its infant stages, but I am in the process of hiring some people who are willing to help the site in the best way they could. That may include some former creepypasta associates, and oh btw, for every pasta you people got....we have “Anglers” to combat with each and every one of them. For those of you interested in our agenda, click the lick above, and we shall get right to discussing business! Alright, see you....

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  • ChristianWallis

    So here we are.


    When you post a story to this wikia there’s a real chance someone will come along and molest it and sometimes that means changes are helpful and sometimes it means someone replaced half your story with a hardcore non-con fanfic featuring Batman and Draco Malfoy. Anyone can change anything about anyone’s story (barring a few protected entries) and this wikia has load of rules and various positions like rollback, admin, and bureaucrat to manage and police this system. The hope is that the freedom allows people to quickly and easily address painfully-obvious mistakes while our community catches vandals and erroneous edits.

    And for the most part that system works.

    Edits are overwhelmingly positive. Vandals are exceedingly ra…

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  • DJ Moonlight

    Notice: I dive into some sensitive material here. Also, this is all my opinion, but I do feel like it's important I voice my views and concerns on these things.

    I'm sure that plenty of you have read the "popular" creepypastas. Ya know, Jeff the Killer, Play with Me (Sally), Smile Dog, or at least have heard of them. Now, they aren't the actual "best" ones out there for many reasons. But one issue that makes me triggered out of my mind is how the authors portray certain events in their stories that are serious issues or defy logic in real life. Let me explain.

    What happens to Sally (Play with Me/Sally) 

    Here's a just a quick recap to refresh your mind about the whole story:

    Sally is a six year-old girl (I think, correct me if I'm wrong), who on…

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