• Zumokiworks335


    just fuck man you remember that kyoki story i once made and then there was that person who did the whole review thing to point out the flaws, well i tried to do a little thing to explain why everything was the way it was it was litarally paragraphs in explanation then i tried to post it ( on trollpast wiki in the comment section) and i find out that i can't post anything there they got somekind of lock on there or something... well that's not the point the point is i forgot to save ahhh i real wish i had and while i could do it again i can't do it the same way i did it the first time so im just no going to do it... 

    im abit too lazy for it,,,

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  • Diexilius

    Hello my friends. I suppose there's no way of putting it more straightforward than that title. Chester Bennington was found today dead, an apparent suicide by hanging. Despite presenting as a funny, friendly and optimistic person, he was very troubled by things like drug and alcohol abuse and no doubt, the recent death of his friend Chris Cornell.

    Although now I like Linkin Park much less than I did a few years back, I still have incredible amounts of respect for them. There are the classic jokes about LP having teen angsty lyrics, but their work honestly helped countless teenagers and young adults through hard times and produced a decent amount of great music and had undeniable success. Personally, they were the ones that got me into rock,…

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  • Helel ben Shahaar

    Throughout my long life (all 19 years of it) I've had a fair share of happenings that I can only label as "paranormal" or "supernatural"; and while I'm sure that most of you would get in a fight just for a chance to hear about them first, posting them here would take too much space-time continuum (I can post on request, though).

    So, I ask thee: have you ever had similar experiences? Stuff that you simply cannot label as accidents or coincidences, but you can't exactly find a suitable explanations for them.

    Anything goes (as long as you're not trolling; and yes Diex, I'm talking about you): strange lights, frequent cold spots, smell of sulphur, people that may or may not be specters, animals that behaved way out of the ordinary, voices that se…

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  • HopelessNightOwl

    I guess I'm not really "returning" since I was never active on this wiki, but I was an admin on SOG three years ago and I sometimes visited this wiki and its chat.  For the past few weeks I'd been thinking about becoming active here, but was hesitant because I remembered the drama that seemed almost entirely fueled by chat stuff.  In particular I remember how it seemed like a large portion of wiki and chat activity was taken up by people complaining about or debating the merits of a recent decision to ban the word "c#nt", something that probably would not have been an issue without chat.  So yeah, I finally decided to post a pasta, and was relieved to discover that the thing that would cause such a profoundly stupid dillema and was always …

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  • HumboldtLycanthrope

    It is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of the father of the modern zombie, George A. Romero.

    I've been a huge fan for as long as I can even remember. Night of the Living Dead was a Halloween staple of my youth. Dawn of the Dead blew my head wide open as a teenager. I remember watching Day of the Dead in the movie theater and being so blown away. Touched by the vampire film Martin.

    Please express your condolences and let us know what your favorite movie of his was.

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  • Resdraon

    ESP Powers

    July 15, 2017 by Resdraon

    So, My last novella got turned down by a few companies. Most just gave the cliche " Good luck finding a publisher that suits better for this kind of story" however many simply told me while they really enjoyed the story itself, it was too dark and depressing. So, I'm working on many other projects. 

    One of which involves the cliche Esper troop, and while I already have the main cast down, I could always use some mobs to kill for lol's. 

    So, anyone have any esper power ideas or better yet, if you were one what would your power be/how would you use it? 

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  • That'sSoStrange13

    Dear CreppyPasta Adminostors 

           Some of these "General Rules" have annoyed me and have gotten my story deleted. Please if you can somehow undelete my story and change some of you polices?

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  • TheAzumangaDaiohFan

    Hello there ladies and gentlemen! This is Azu here and I'm back with another review of The Haunting Hour. So this is the final episode of season three! Woo Hoo! On that note, today is my brother's birthday and he's turning 22 this year. Yay! Despite this however, I think we're going to have a party for him tomorrow since that's when most of his friends and family are avaliable. 

    Link to review:

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  • BloodClanRogueScourge

    I'm Not Sure What I Did Incorrectly, But I Am studying The rules.

    Thanks I guess

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  • Derpyspaghetti

    Net Neutrality

    July 12, 2017 by Derpyspaghetti

    This is gonna stay short since I'm on my phone, but this issue means a lot to me.

    I recently learned that some large Internet Service Providers (I don't know their names) have been campaigning once again to attempt to abolish Net Neutrality in America. Net Neutrality is a set of rules that stops them from making your internet unbearably slow for certain sites (such as this one) or just block you from them altogether.

    You can probably understand why this is bad, in how it restricts people from accessing and sharing new ideas, and restricting innovation. The internet was made for sharing ideas and things, such as these stories, and repealing Net Neutrality will heavily restrict this.

    The best thing you can do right now is write to your constitu…

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