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  • Holly Bailey

    I talked about the things that scare me, and now I'm going to tell you the things that don't scare me.

    'I Am God' phrase.

    This phrase or quote is very common in creepypastas and I'm not sure why. What I mean about that is, it does not scare me. The reason why it does not scare because I don't find the phrase scary and does God suppose to be good and such? Isn't God scary, right? If it was I Am The Devil; I would be scared of the devil. The Devil. The devil is more terrifying than God so why do people write I Am The Devil rather than I Am God. I just don't understand it at all. Please try to explain this, to make me understand because I'm trying so hard.

    Little Spiders

    Little spiders don't scare me at all because they are small, baby spiders (w…

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  • G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY

    Yeah, I know the title is a joke because I feel like I edit here every once in a blue moon, but that's besides the point. I'm coming up on 20 years old and I'm still fucking around on the Internet. How? I forgot a long time ago. But after finally getting a girlfriend (who I've been dating for the past 3 months) and getting my life sorted out for the most part (again), I feel like coming back here just seemed right for some reason because this was how I started to get more involved, for lack of a better phrase, in the online community. Yes, I still remember a lot of names around here because I've never forgotten them, but it's always nice to meet those unfamiliar to me.

    - Gator/Simba/1,000+ nicknames I have.

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  • TheAzumangaDaiohFan

    Hello there everyone! This is Hailey here and as the title of the post suggests, I have recently completed the first act of my new horror story called Sunny Hill Farms! If you’re interested in seeing what I have so far, click this link: ( Also, if you have feedback you would like to offer, feel free to do so in the comments below.

    Right now, I’m using an app on my tablet called Fast Notepad to write this story. However, I might create a Google Docs file and transfer the contents from the app to the Docs file so that way I can edit it on any device with access to the Google Docs website or the Google Docs app. Not only that but Google Docs allows you to bold and italicize text, which are features that Fast Note…

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  • Kyle Meadows

    I'm really excited for the future. Yes, my writing skills are going to require tons of improvement, but I'd like to say that as it stands I'm at a level decent enough to start actually outputting some stories not regularly (which I would prefer) but of a roughly consistent make. I will eventually revisit "I Met the White Herald" and revise it accordingly, as there are some structural errors I'm thoroughly unsatisfied with. One thing that I really want to overcome in my writing does occur within that story, where as I revise the piece while writing it I'll end up jumbling thoughts together, and it's quite an irritiating negative trait.

    That said, I do tend to like the freedom lengthy stories give me. "A Cult of Metal" ended exactly where I w…

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  • Shadow104792

    Hey so what's up everybody. This is Shadow 104792, and of course I'm at school bored to death :( :( :( 

    So how's everybody's day going so far? 

    I'll try and get some of the creepypasta stories I've writen before up on here, but sadly that's not really working out for now.

    Got To Go!


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  • Umbrello

    Without further ado, I present the latest episode of DCT. Special thanks to Diexilius for suggesting I do a rap song!

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  • Creeper50

    Once, I had this question: What are the potential uses of romance between characters in a fictional story?

    After reading a book(which I shall not name to avoid being accused of advertising), I got a great idea for what just might be the best use of romance in stories.

    Your character will have some kind of weakness that is runing their life and making it hard, if not impossible for them to accomplish what they want to do. This weakness leads them to take stupid, often unforgivable actions that become worse and worse. As a result, other characters, usually allies, begin to point out the character's flaw in his thinking. Eventually, he either realizes that he's wrong and changes his ways or doesn't listen to his allies and is destroyed.

    How does…

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  • Banningk1979

    Hey guys, Banning here!

    I know I've been a bit off the grid as of late. Had a lot to do here. Creeparoni finally completed the readings of all my Tobit stories, so if you haven't gone on over and given them a listen (and subscribed) do so! 

    Creeparoni's Page

    As for other stuff, I was hired on by documentary film maker Richard Santiago to write an article to accompany his film When Bullies Become Bosses, an inside look at workplace abuse among adults. Between gathering stats and talking to experts, this little project has taken up a good deal of my time. I intend to complete the article tonight though and will likely post it on ToughNickel where I've written some other non-fiction articles in the past. 

    Other than that, we're taking a family trip…

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  • ThisIsLucid

    Lucid Awards May

    May 20, 2017 by ThisIsLucid

    Oh gosh, a week ago I forgot 2nd annual Lucid Awards! I guess I'll do them now. If you don't know what the lucid awards are, go here

    I will not be continuing "Best Read" I will only do the best newest story from 2 months.

    FELINE by KillaHawke1

    Kidnapped by a Cthullu Ripoff by NickyXX

    A Letter From a Devil With a Hat by BloodySpghetti

    Hazardous Defecation by Claudiofd

    Beyond Hither Stars by A Letter From a Devil With a Hat

    Winners will be announced on the 27th

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  • TheAzumangaDaiohFan

    Hello there ladies and gentlemen! This is Azu here and I'm back with yet another Haunting Hour review. So as of this post, I only have four more episodes to review before I'm done with season three.

    Link to the review:

    So I've recently done some more work on my Sunny Hill Farms pasta. I'm currently on the part where the protagonist comes across a job listing for Sunny Hill Farms on Craigslist.

    Click Here to See The Current Version!

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