• TheRogue12

    Finished My First Pasta!

    September 24, 2018 by TheRogue12

    Hooray! Please go easy on me if you judge it by the way, I'm still learning after all! :)

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  • DrBobSmith

    How to Write a Trollpasta

    September 22, 2018 by DrBobSmith

    I stole this from the Trollpasta web site. The URL was and was attributed to OfficalLoopyFromDWTD.

    Clichés are one of the ways to make a creepypasta a trollpasta mostly made from overused things in creepypasta so here's a list on what are cliche

    • Stories involving the soon-to-be murderous children with cartoonishly abusive parents and/or one dimensional bullies. We get one of these a day. Stop.
    • Anything starting with the phrase "I know you're not going to believe this," or "I used to be a skeptic, but..."
    • Anything starting with "I used to be normal. . ."
    • The numbers 6, 13, and 666.
    • Falsely believing something is over, and then creepy shit happening again anyway.
    • Using "This actually happened to me…

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  • TheRogue12

    Okay, so technically I DID write a pasta here once, but I meant to write it on another wiki :/ Whatever. Anyway, whatever it will be, I hope it will be good! Well, I've come up with an idea: Some kid goes outside after hearing something and ends up getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with a mysterious stalker after him! :)

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  • Pixel-Stories

    Story Writing

    September 21, 2018 by Pixel-Stories

    Am I getting better?

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  • Megadeth1357

    Lost Episodes???

    September 21, 2018 by Megadeth1357

    I know I'm not crazy! Does anyone remember a story on here called "Lost Episodes"? It was about a guy's friend who would always edit tapes to make them have happier endings and such, until he hooks himself up to a tv, which loops a cartoon of him, causing the main character to unplug the tv, killing the friend. For some reason, I can't find this story anywhere! Was it deleted, or did the author take it down? I miss reading it, as I enjoyed it a lot.

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  • TheKidOfWikis

    I did it!

    September 19, 2018 by TheKidOfWikis

    THE WAR IS NOW OVER!! No more fighting, no more anger issues, not much depression, my website is now free, post whatever you want!

    Have fun!

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  • BlueLifeOpposing

    Well, this is interesting.

    I'm ThatStalinLeader, yet I just decided to make a new account. I didn't feel that the other user name fitted me on this wiki.

    You could call me whatever you want. I'm just trying to figure out how to deactivate another account.

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  • Squidmanescape

    Did You Know EmmanC.?

    September 15, 2018 by Squidmanescape

    Hey, have you read Etherbot's latest post? I've got to admit the guy's been working really hard to lift people up without anybody looking at smaller authors. I'd like to start.

    So I admit that I have different priorities in mind with these showcases. I probably won't talk about people who make really good stories, instead deciding to focus on people who get no traction because they don't make any stories so awful that they get marked for review (which, you have to admit, is how people sometimes get reviews). Why help when they seem to have basic writing all figured out?

    That said, allow me to present EmmanC., a user's who's written two works, but who seems to lack criticism. They say on their first story "I do think it can use some improveme…

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  • EtherBot

    Hi, I'm EtherBot and I write a blog series here on the wiki called Random Writers Showcase

    Every couple weeks I compile short reviews of a given pasta creators works into a single blog, followed by a brief conclusion where I usually say something about the writer. I've been doing this for almost two years now. My showcases have gotten longer and somehow more succinct and I personally chock that up to being more skilled at conveying my points. Some of them are pretty simple but I'm personally happy with every single one of them, even the first one.

    It's been over seven weeks since I uploaded the last showcase. I haven't made a meaningful comment on anyone's post in over a month. Because I'm just tired, you guys.

    I love you guys, and I'd hate …

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  • Djs12383

    need ideas

    September 12, 2018 by Djs12383

    ok so can you all give me some ideas to write about

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