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  • Mikemacdee

    Haven't tried doing a legit reading before, and I wanted to try it the way I think makes a good reading. I was considering recording performances of some of my non-horror works in the future, so I guess this was practice. Plus nobody seems to know this story exists (like most of my work). I'm not really sure I have a good voice for it, and living with old people who go to bed early kinda gets in the way of giving a 110% performance. Or maybe I'm wrong and I did okay. I dunno. You guys and dolls can probably tell me.

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  • Creeper50

    Stories are like Animals

    February 20, 2017 by Creeper50

    Since you're on this website, I assume that you like stories. I love them. They hold your attention, emtionally grab you, and glue you to your seat.

    Some of you may have even tried writing a story. I certainly have. If you ever tried to, I have a question for you. Did the story ever "evolve," so to speak, into something you didn't intend it to be when you started?

    This has happened to me. When working on my story,  "Leader," the protagonist turned out to be someone I thought was just going to be an side character. It has happened to other people too. According to "Lessons from the Screenplay," the director of American Beauty, Sam Mendes, stated that when working on the film, he was intending for a more "comical, whimsical" movie. He further …

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  • Rhyveee

    A Book

    February 19, 2017 by Rhyveee

    Hey, so Moonclaw and I wrote a book back in September and it's been sitting there since October 6th. I'm just getting around to re-reading it and editing it, so I was wondering if anyone had suggestions. There'll be more details about it to come and I don't want to let out too much because it is a finished story. All there is to do is editing and preparing it for publication. I also had a question about that. Do you guys know of any good publishers? We were thinking of self publishing, but we have no understanding of it. Thanks, United We Stand, Falling To Sand. Our Future Unclear, The End Drawing Near. 20:33, February 19, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Holly Bailey

    Being Shy is Hard

    February 18, 2017 by Holly Bailey

    It's hard to make new friends: making new friends is important thing in life, because having a friendship can make you feel happy, can share stories, secrets, gifts etc. you can have a companion by your side, instead of being alone all day, everyday. Nobody wants that.

    I do have friends, but I have one close friend, who took time to get know me and talk to me, I also have a few college friends who all so took the time to talk me etc. people who don't even try to talk to me and be patient with me, instead they bully me, making me even more shy and to be afraid to go near to that bully.

    Making conversation: This is far the most difficult for me, because mainly, I don't know what to say half at the time. I feel awkward, or I sometimes can't be…

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  • Mikemacdee

    I threw this video together to test my new mic. I don't break all the most important rules of audio performance, but I break enough of them to illustrate my point I think.

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  • CielPhantomhive2001

    New Killer

    February 17, 2017 by CielPhantomhive2001

    hello everyone its been a while since I have gotten on here. I'm going to start this blog and tell you about some of the more popular creepy pasta's. I hope you guys will enjoy this, I will try to post on this sight every other day minus weekends. that's when I make creepy pasta completions for my YouTube account via: any who, I will post my first one on Tuesday hopefully! thx! love you guys and if there is any specific pasta you want me to write about please let me know in the comment section below! and this will also be kind of a daily life blog too if you guys dint mind letting me rant on here but I will hardly ever do that. thx!

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  • Holly Bailey

    In my last post I've made a list of what I'm afraid of, and after seeing the amount of comments and seeing the fears that you have, I have forgotten some others. I have to say thank you for all the comments I had.

    Needles: I only had two needles into me in my life. One is for the cervix cancer to avoid it, in the future and the other is to have blood taken out. Before I have the needle I get so scared, I feel shaky, my stomach is full of butterflies but thye go away after it's done.

    Meeting new people: I am a very shy person and when it comes to meeting new people. I don't know what they are going to be like, if they are going to like me, you never know. I try my best to talk to them, like longer sentences.

    There maybe be some more but can't …

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  • Dr. Frank N. Furter

    So... after a few months of on-again, mostly off-again activity on the wiki, I'm back to say that, basically, I've returned.

    I honestly felt pretty shitty when I was away about not being on to respond to users/do RB stuff/keep people updated about my situation, but to keep things short I unfortunately felt that it was necessary to completely step away from the wiki in order to deal with various IRL ongoings. I'm not going to go that in-depth with my stodgy personal dealings, but to give an idea of what I've been doing for the past while, it's been:

    private issues + family concerns + an arduous job search + higher education stress + aggravating computer problems, including a period of time when I had no way of getting the internet + remarkabl…

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  • Incorrect3

    Hello all, I was just reading through the quality standards/blacklisted subjects and I noticed that gaming pastas aren't entirely banned, just that "haunted game" pastas are (fair enough, I was under the assumption that all gaming pastas were banned, I can understand why you'd blacklist haunted game pastas because those very seldom work). This was fine and all, but then I looked down into the Content Blacklist and I noticed that it seems like really most mentioning of games in pastas isn't even allowed. 

    So once and for all: what is the stance on gaming creepypastas? Are they banned entirely, or are just haunted gaming pastas banned? Thanks. 


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  • Mrclicktrick

    Well.....its been a long time since i've last been on this website. And with the mix of school and sports I never thought I'd see this site again. But since i'm back and Its my 7th month living in NC. I'd like to talk about my experience in this fast growing state. When I first came here I moved to a pretty small town close to charlotte. At first, I believed that this move was going to be a mistake. But after a week or so living here I noticed that the residents in this area are much nicer than people from boston. and now that summer vacation  was ending, It didnt even come to mind that I was starting highschool. And then when school started I knew I was going to enjoy my time in highschool. and making new friends didn't seem to be that mu…

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