• Icydice


    November 23, 2017 by Icydice

    Well hello there my spooky friends, MERRY THANKSGIVING! The holiday awesome I get to throw my diet away for a whole day. I hope everyone shall enjoy the festivities such as hanging out with loved ones, watching the Macy's parade, and eating of course! It's a wonderful time to celebrate life, and part of what I'm thankful for is my writing capabilities. They have vastly improved over time and that is in part thanks to this website. 

    When I was 12, I created an account on creepypasta Wikia. Don't worry, this was two whole years ago and that account is blocked now. Back then I made some of the worst stories one could possibly stir up. They were so bad in fact every single one got deleted within an hour of being post. This heavily frustrated me…

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  • Dodge Russler

    Okay, I've decided to have another crack at writing.

    Now this idea is based on the idea of killers such as Jack the Ripper and Jeff the Killer.

    John the Cutter is a man who wants to bring the terror of Jack the Ripper back to life after a life of isolation, masochism and sadism.

    Even though John kills for what is said to be unconventional reasons, it is known that he is smarter than he looks. While he is a master of terror and psychological trauma, John is also a master of manipulation and is able to turn people's minds to his will and always comes out clean whenever it comes to police or bounty hunters.

    John is also believed to kill due to a hatred of humanity, but this is not a confirmed case. Although he is human, John does possess a numbne…

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  • Helel ben Shahaar

    Dead Serious

    November 21, 2017 by Helel ben Shahaar

    Share your best creepy/morbid/scary jokes here. Make the rest of us laugh, guy.

    Jokes Stash:

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  • AsmodeusBane

    My wiki

    November 21, 2017 by AsmodeusBane

    Hey guys I have made a wiki where there is a new wiki I have made and it has no rules so you are a free person in the chat u can do anything u want Enjoy :)

    |AsmodeusBane (talk) 02:28, November 21, 2017 (UTC) AsmodeusBane

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  • Crockinator

    Hello everyone, I am Crock. And this is a annoucement for my first Creepypasta. 'Wayback Street' I have experience in writing stories, but I am still a rookie. So I won't be suprised when I make better Pastas in the future. Anyhow, once the Pasta is released. If you want to narrate it for Youtube, ask for permission to read it. I will be sure to accept. Thanks for reading! - Crock.

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  • AwfulWally

    How to write CreepyPastas

    November 20, 2017 by AwfulWally

    Hey guys! It's my first blog ever on CreepyPasta ever. So with all of your gaming, MLP, Mario, YouTube Pastas or what's about in other writing, STOP! of what you're writing about and check it.

    And let the guy do his Magic of how it's done:

    A Topic and Plot could be about anything. Anything you want, and how it goes, but you must understand it has to make sense and realistic. And need a location of where it takes place and time if required.

    If you want to make a sequel or prequel to YOUR story, you can work it up to that. if you don't want to that, just don't do it. probably never gonna be one anyway.

    Hear me out, what genre it is, determines on what "Pasta" site your on. On CreepyPasta though, It could be a Thriller or Horror.

    Thriller - A Spoo…

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  • TheBookWorm247

    I really wanted to make stories but they end up getting deleted because their not up to wiki's standards...But i totally get it i just really liked those stories but they just end up getting pushed aside like a boring book.

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  • HumboldtLycanthrope

    Hey  guys. Pretty excited about this.

    So, I'm working on a new novel, and thought I'd tell you about this novel-writing workshop I'm going to be taking in January.

    It's the Borderlands Bootcamp and the instructor is famed horror writer Peter Straub of Ghost Story fame, among other huge bestsellers. I gotta go all the way to Baltimore, MD for the class. A haul and a pain in the ass, but fuck it, I get to work on my novel with Peter Straub!

    It's five days long, very very intensive. Pretty exclusive, you had to apply and be accepted.  I got a discount because I'm a member of the Horror Writers Association. 

    I just sent them the first thirty pages of my manuscript, which I would have liked more time to polish. But, that's how deadlines go.

    Pretty c…

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  • Mmpratt99 deviantart


    Free Giveaway of The Flying Mouse

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  • Stex85

    My Interview with my good friend Lavecki! Critiquer extraordinaire (if critiquer is indeed a word). The stories we discuss are:

    Hospital Rounds -

    And Banana in a Jar -

    To find Lavecki, head on over to and find me and him in the discord! Or post up your stories for him to critique in the forums!

    And as always don't forget to like and subscribe for more interviews and visit me at or

    Don't forget, we are now on Itunes and Stitcher. Look us up and drop as a comment. Oh, and rate us 5 stars...

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