I blinked twice to make sure what I was seeing was real.

"What the fuck?" I muttered to myself.

Hitting the brakes, I brought my car to a halt, letting it idle for a moment before I put it in park and turned it off. Some part of me was clearly revolted by what I saw on the road, but another piece was curious. It looked almost like horribly mangled roadkill, but no car could have hit something that size without leaving anything behind. Against my better judgment, I pulled my keys from the ignition and stepped out of the car, eager to get a closer look at the... thing.

I approached it cautiously at first, before realizing there was no reason to fear something that was quite obviously dead. As I got closer I could see that this was, as my instincts had originally told me, no normal animal. The sprawling, deformed mass of blood and flesh seemed to defy all the rules that life as I had observed it usually followed, a fact that was not helped by the massive amount of trauma that it had apparently sustained. Now no more than two feet from the creature(?) I felt like vomiting at the repulsive sight and smell; all I wanted to do was get back in my car and drive away, but some desire to know more held me in place.

I picked up a pebble and tossed it at the thing, not really expecting this to reveal anything, but curious all the same. The pebble landed with a sickening squelch, then sank through the creature's flesh and disappeared; that was different. Then the mass quivered.


I turned to run, but only took a few strides before something grabbed my ankle, throwing me to the ground. I screamed, digging at the pavement with my fingernails as I was dragged towards the now fully alive creature. As I became more frantic, my actions grew more and more erratic. I flailed my arms and my free leg in an attempt to escape the clutches of this horror, but to no avail. My fingernails cracked and broke as I desperately clung to the asphalt, leaving tiny trails of blood along the ground. My terrified screams for help went unanswered, and all efforts I made to resist the pull came to nothing.

In the end, I didn't wonder so much about what this thing on the road was.