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I hear the tapping of my cane as I walk forward. I’ve been blind for about three months, I don’t know what happened the doctors say something in my brain just switched off. Being blind may be hard, but my other senses have gotten stronger. I can hear the city bus from the comfy park bench letting me know it’s time to go home. After a short fifteen minute walk I could smell the bakery close by, only ten more steps. Ten, nine, eight,… I couldn’t wait to go home. Seven, six, five, four… I stopped a strange smelled filled my nose it was a musty dirt smell, It was there and then it was gone. I shook my head and continued my count reaching one I turned right and counted down from ten again as I took each step. I felt the cold metal on my hand as fumbled for my keys. I opened the door and the tapping of my cane became louder as I walked down the hall.

“He’s waking up.” A voice whispered in my ear. I threw myself against the wall of the hallway, hitting my head as I did. I jerked my head back and forth trying to determine where the voice had come from. The musty dirt smell came back and hand touched my face, I slapped at the hand on my face while sliding down the wall but it stayed.

“Do not be afraid, I am here to help. I wish to give you a gift but only if you promise not to tell people.”

“What gift is that?” I managed to squeak. Another hand touched my face and then both hands slid up and over my eyes. I bright light flashed and as I opened my eyes and the darkness faded, it was like turning on a old computer monitor. I was confused about what happened was the voice real or was I imagining things. I looked up at the wall there was a dent and some blood, maybe I hit my head and it just restarted my sight? Oh well it didn’t matter I can see now! I jumped up snapped my cane in two.

“I won’t be needing this anymore!” I yelled as I ran out the door. I was ready to see everything, I was free and happy.

“What just happened cannot happen again do I make myself clear?” A large scaly green creature stood up from a container numbered forty-six. “These creatures cannot be awoken the energy they give off is too valuable to lose so either fix the problem or ill find someone who can do a better job.” A small black and red creature with six arms stood writing ferociously at clipboards and said.

“Yes sir but the equations are difficult at best to stop this from happening. When these creatures lose one of their senses the others becoming stronger which make it very hard to keep them from waking up from their false world.” The many armed creature pointed to the container. Inside was the newly cured blind man asleep. “The number of them is proving hard to control we can cure anything that happens to them but unfortunately until we find a better way we can only cure so many at a time.”

“Then what are you waiting for get that container back to where it belongs and get back to work I want this problem solved now!” The scaly creature yelled. The black and red one squeaked and dragged away the container as fast as it could two of its arms still writing on clipboards. Looked at the blue flickering light on the container the sleeping blind man was in. Then he turned to face a huge wall that extended as high as it could see, thousands of lights flickered illuminating tiny figures inside. The creature smiled as it put its hands behind its back.

“All the power we could ever need.” It said out loud. Its jaw cracked as it smiled.

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