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Possessed By The Widow Ghost
KirasCryptAdded by KirasCrypt

For starters please listen. I beg you to listen and hear me out because no one ever believes me when I recant my tale! No one believes my story when it is the truth! I am not crazy. I am scarred, sure. Damaged, yeah. Crazy? Okay. Maybe. But only after this. This is undeniable. I saw it with my own eyes, heard it with my own ears, and felt the crawl and chill up my skin.

Me and my best friend, let's just call him "Y," are a couple of troublemakers! We love to taunt and disturb even spiritually. We liked to go to supposedly haunted houses and break the things in there to piss off the ghosts and to let out and relieve some tension. We relished in the sounds of the vases and skulls we shattered. Once in a while we even took home trophies as souvenirs. We mostly got got oddities and the like. We never thought there would be consequences for our actions until this happened! 

We went into a tall black manor. It was said to be The Most Haunted House in town! 

"Yeah right!" We thought seeing it as a challenge and immediately visiting after we had heard the legends in class. There was a curse on the house. It was said that after an old woman and her family got diseased the mother snapped and murdered everyone because "the spiders told her to do it". Before she was sent to the local asylum she looked into the eyes of the men in white coats. Her pupils were bloodshot and unnaturally bright red! Her eyelids hollow and black. She shrieked and said "You'll'll all see! The Black Widow will get you next!" She began to break out into insane laughter. The sound of which so inhuman it brought chills to those that heard it. Her hair whipped up in the gust that danced in. Spiders crawled out of her mouth and she slit her throat committing suicide. Ever since then people heard the laughs and occasionally saw some widows. Because of the legends they were all too chicken shit to do more than just board up the doors and walls.

We broke in quite easily. Y kicked the door until the boards cracked like Kitkats. I pried open the door with a rusty crowbar from my old man's shed. The door flew open and a swift icy breeze smacked our faces. It sent us flying back a bit. We just assumed it was compressed hair. Besides it was around Halloween so it was a really cold day especially after dark when we came in. We looked around the place. It was standard for an old house. You could tell the family was extremely wealthy but nothing particularly stuck out to us. We heard the stairs creak.

"What was that?" I shouted doing a double take.

"Pfft. Probably nothing but rats..." Y reassured me. 

"Okay....." I said going along with it but still looking around. It was pretty cold so I wrapped my arms around myself to ward off the chill. It was colder than Icebreakers! (You know those winter mint things)

We went up the creaky old stairs every so often a step would break but that didn't put us off. We knew what we were there for. We see a little hallway and some doors which were obviously the family bedrooms. All the doors were wide open but one was shut and boarded up.

"What the hell?" I said almost mad raising my brow at this.

""The Cursed Room"!" Y said doing air quotes. "Sooooo spoooooooky!" He teased in a sing song voice.

We walked down the hall. ALL the rooms were empty aside from gratuitous amounts of spider webs. We tried to dig through some of them but it looked like everything was pretty much just cleared off.

" treasure..." I said sadly.

"Heh. It's okay. We should just open the secret door or whatever. I bet all the good stuff or at least something creepy will be in there!" He replied.

I used the same crowbar and Y did his same strategy of kicking. It was almost no use. The door just wasn't opening! 

I started to pant and sweat and breath heavier than a sack of bricks and anchors. "It's no use..." I stopped to breath. "All this work and for nothing! This sucks!" I said stomping my foot. Then a floor board popped up and flung the door wide open almost unexplainably. Almost like magic. But we weren't thinking of gravity at the time all we could think about was the stuff we could break and steal. We ran in. We rushed in to see a big regal canopy bed. It was crimson and midnight and of course covered in cobwebs. The biggest webs seemed to stem from this room like a thick patch of poison ivy. There was a vanity mirror, a closet, and drawers. We opened the closet to just find some moth bitten clothes. We slammed the door shut then dug through the drawers. On the shelf there was this weird jar.

"Ooh!" We said because we knew something good had to be in it.

We both went for it grabbing it. Before we even saw what was inside we were fighting over it. The moment we realized this we looked in the jar. The only thing we saw was this big dead spider inside so were like "Whatever." tossing it to the side and moving on.

Suddenly the jar was empty! We realized the widow wasn't dead it was just hiding on the side!

We screamed and panicked. "Wait aren't these spiders like...poisonous?" Y asked terrified.

"Yeah..." I said looking around for wherever that bastard went so we could avoid it. Then from the corner of my eye I saw it hanging from a wall and then the bed. So I chased it until it was cornered.

I stomped it crushing it as hard as I could with my foot. The spider blood splattered on my boots and jeans like paint. It was a red maroon color.

"Hahah!" Y pointed and laughed at me. "Haha! You got spider goo all over you! Now you're cursed!" He joked.

So I punched him the jaw for being an asshole and then we went home. But on the way out I could have sworn I heard that laugh everyone was talking about.

Out of the dark and in the light of my house I saw that the spider blood was red and oozing like blood. I figured this was what made black widows poisonous. I assumed it was like venom. I went into my bathroom and put on some rubber gloves pulling my pants and boots off. I hosed them with the showerhead until they were spotless.

Then I took a shower myself. No, it wasn't like Psycho. It was worse.

The water stopped working so I twisted the head and it twitched. I thought it would be a huge shot of water spraying my face but it was actually a bunch of spiders crawling out of it. I jumped back dropping it in fear after yelping. And almost as soon as the spiders came they completely disappeared.

"Get it together. You're just shaken from that gross spider...that's all." I told myself. But I knew it was a lie and it taunted me into insomnia that night.

I called Y but his parents said he was home sick. So I went to school the next day not thinking much of it but still spacy from lack of sleep. I almost nodded off a few times until someone shook me. It was my girlfriend R.

"K, are you sure you're okay?" She said concerned.

"I'm just fine. Perfectly fine..." I said sarcastically slumping.

"Well you don't look it." She said.

I tried to shrug that one off too until we walked each other home from school.

"K, you have to listen to me. Look at yourself!" She insisted getting angry which wasn't like her at all.

I got even madder. "Fuck no! There's nothing wrong and that's final! Jesus, Ray!" I said making her cry and run away from me. I turned around and looked in the mirror in horrid shock. My eyes were bloodshot and looked like I punched and rubbed them out a few times! The bags under my eyes were so black they looked hollowed out like some insane murderer or monster ripped them out! It was crazy how awful I looked! I pulled my hair out of my face and just stared. I walked back and slipped and slid down the wall covering my mouth trying not to scream. I felt like something was being summoned by Satan to escape my mouth and like I couldn't hold back. I jumped as I heard the laugh rumored about. I swore that was it anyways! I started to hiccup over and over again. Bouncing until I had to remove my hands from my face. I spewed a thick black bile coughing it up like soup made of nails. My throat burned immensely. It felt like it was bleeding and I was slowly and painfully going blind. Everything was getting foggy and static. My vision was starting to gray and it was like darkness was consuming all around me. I looked down and noticed I was crying dark tears and couldn't stop. Then I noticed the puke was not black fluid. It was poison widow spider blood. I gasped and practically fainted though I usually never get scared. I shouted "STOP STOP MAKE IT STOP!" and then it did. Everything cleared up. I looked to the side and saw a spider. It was yet another black widow! I hopped up squealing like a piglet then stomped it was like I was making grape wine. It either completely disappeared or it ran away because I saw nothing but I felt a presence in my house. That is when I knew I needed to kick into action mode. The widow ghost was clearly haunting my house for some sort of revenge.

I got a flashlight, a shotgun, bandages, a knife, a lighter, some work clothes, and then I went to the church to take matters into my own hands. I had to be ready even if it were an apocalypse that was coming. I told the priest of my story but he just laughed at me like I was crazy.

"But you gotta believe me!" I insist to him.

"Hahaha. No can do."

"Come the fuck on! At least bless my house or some shit!" I yelled. He finally agreed and we went over to my house. He immediately stopped in his tracks and drew a cross on his chest pulling a bible out of his pocket. He almost ran away at first but then he tried to storm his way in but it was like a heavy wind was pulling him back until he finally got in. 

He started to read a passage "He smites the wicked w-" then he gets cut off. All the doors and windows in the house flew right open! It was like my home was packing a tornado! The house screamed and wailed. It shook all the way to the ground and pulsed. It sounded like the roars of demons like an incubus in hell. Suddenly all the things in the house began to levitate. The Widow ghost was fighting back. She made the silver ware and tools zoom at us. I covered my head and ducked but the priest wasn't so lucky. I looked up and saw that all the things stabbed him. He was stabbed in the mouth, the arms, chest, and eyes. He stood up in shock dripping with gore. Red rivers of pain coursed out of him until none was left and the life was sucked out of him. The corpse was then flimsy enough to be pushed around by the gusts and sent flying into the wall. The carcass was pinned to the living room wall and nearly imploded. I ran out covering my head. I knew I needed to get out of there. Some other objects flew at me as I left but I was out of range.

I had almost no place to go since my home was taken over for the day so I stayed at my girlfriend's house for the night. I told her all that happened and she hugged me crying.

"I'm just glad you're safe! I love you!" We hugged tightly and kissed.

We camped out in the living room and took turns sleeping. We kept all the lights on just in case! Too bad the power went out! R screamed and clinged to me as we heard the spark. It's like a cord to a generator was just cut. We heard an immense creaking in the roof. It sounded like The Haunted House from before. I gulped trying to remain silent so the ghost wouldn't hear us. I covered both our mouths. I knew if we got scared or screamed she would be immediately drawn in and go full force. All ghosts feed on fear. That's how she murdered that priest after all.

The creaking suddenly stopped. We sighed with relief. Then we began to hear and see static. Even though it was pitch black we could still see her long white face. She had cracked wrinkled white skin, a long nose, black hollow ripped out eyes, black whipping tentacles that probably used to be her hair, and a big black mouth where spiders shot out from. She shrieked at us whipping about. We screamed and jumped back. 

"That was a close one..." I said looking forward to see if she was okay too. With what little light there was I could see her being dragged away into the shadows in this sea of black ghost arms.

"!" I shouted to myself more quiet at first but loudly crying. I punched the wall making my fist bleed. Everything was dead silent. Which was even scarier than anything I've ever heard in my whole life.

This is when I snapped. She made my best friend sick, killed my girlfriend, killed the priest, and I couldn't even imagine what she did to my parents.

"Damn it...damn it..." I said madly grinding my teeth. "DAMN IT!" I screamed. "Listen you fucking bitch! I'm gonna kill you!" I threatened. It only made her laugh as I cried more. The black tears almost removing my vision again. I started to lose a whole lot of blood. I punched that wall harder than I thought and it began to sink in. Or rather I sank. I fell to the ground as the lights came back on. My eyes were still covered by the layers of black static and the gray aura surrounding the place. I fell down. My eyes fluttered. I blinked. The last thing I saw in that moment was a spider crawling up to my face.

I felt like I died. I briefly woke up and could feel someone carrying me. I thought it was The Widow so I tried to protest but passed out again. I woke up in my bed. Y and my parents were there looking at me all worried. My hand was bandaged up and I was lying in my bed.

"Wh...what happened?" I asked them trying to get up only for my mother to stop me.

"We were going to ask you the same thing." My dad told me.

"One minute you were out with your girlfriend and then the next you're bleeding on the porch." My mom added.


"That's what we'd like to know." My dad said looking at me disappointed. He shook his head judgmentally. My parents then left without a word.

Y went down to my eye level "You saw her too, right?" He whispered softly.

"Yeah. And she took R away." I replied.

We discussed our symptoms. Both of us were having the same visions, insomnia, bleeding, rage, tears, and puking up black blood and spiders. Our throats were still sore from the constant vomiting, screaming, and coughing. It was the final straw.

"We're going to take down this bitch, alright? Let's kill the spider queen." He said extending a hand to me.

"Right!" I added letting him pull me up.

"Alright so what do spiders, ghosts, and ladies hate?" Y asked me bluntly shuffling through the fucked up kitchen.

"For one ghosts hate their resting place disturbed which we already did...then there's god and the bible..." I thought out loud and began to mutter.

"Yeah and spiders die from bug spray...and aren't insects weak to fire?" He asked. It was almost silly.

" Pokemon!" We both laughed hard at that. 

I went into the living room but the body wasn't there. The murderer cleared her tracks and if she left any behind she'd make it look like I did it. I already knew she was trying to get the town and everyone else to think I was crazy. It even already started to work on my parents. All the crap she left behind were the damages in the kitchen. I was probably grounded for this. I didn't care. There are lives at stake here. I gathered the supplies from before and Y got the bug spray, matches, a lighter, and the bible. The only remains of the dead priest.

We headed over to that haunted mansion. It looked pretty much exactly the same as before but relatively empty aside from the spider webs. Those things were EVERYWHERE! Even more than before. Y and I were armed and always checking our backs and looking over our shoulders. We were vigilant as ever. We went by the stairs and heard a loud creak. It was high-pitched and weird. It was extra loud. I bravely moved forward hiding Y behind me. He was my best friend. "It was better me than him..." I thought. Then the stairs began to break. I ran up them but the gap left behind was too big for him to cross. We both gasped and gulped dodging the force that split us apart. It was all black and quick yet cut like a sawblade. This was bad news.

He shouted to me "K! K, what are we gonna do?!" He was looking around a lot and sweaty.

"We...we can't just stay put especially now while we're ahead!" I said back.

"So what now?" Y asked me.

"Split up..." I replied sadly. I got a pain in my stomach. I had a really bad feeling about this but I got another feeling. The feeling of knowing that this was the only way. One of us would die and I was kind of hoping it would be me.

"What?! Are you fucking serious?!"

"Well what else can we do?" I barked back. 

Then we just went quiet and went our own separate ways. I slowly made my way up the stairs while keeping an eye on where Y was headed. He went into another room and I could see through the door way. It looked all clear. He flashed his flashlight. He turned to me smiling to show everything was fine. Then I smiled back and went upstairs faster. I looked away for split second and I heard a scream and wet sound. It sounded like a Venus flytrap biting on a bug. I ran down a few steps to look. A black mass of tentacles had taken him away. I could only see the silhouette but I knew it was her. Then it started to disappear. It teleported to somewhere else. I paused for a while feeling sick to my stomach. I puked and coughed up black blood. I grinded my teeth together from the grating pain in between that. It was so bad that a tooth cracked out. I puked it into my hand shuttering. I shook a lot but knew I had to move forward. My head hurt more and more as I got up to that hallway. I heard coughing and cooing. I ran down the hall and the room we broke into still had the door wide open. I knew R would be in there. I just knew it! And she was.

The room had no webs and was cleared out. Not a widow or anything related in sight. Just my girlfriend facing the corner. Her long red hair messy and let down. It was matted and twisted from being tugged. She was crying. Her clothes were torn practically just to her underwear. They looked soiled and slashed. She was in the fetal position, rocking, coughing, and crying. I walk up to the door slowly at first thinking it was a trick. She heard the creak of the board and quickly looked up at me with tears in her eyes which were bloodshot and had the same if not worse bags under them that I had. She looked back down again. She probably that I was a trick or a mirage too. I walked up to her then ran up and hugged her. She jumped on me hugging me back happily but mute.

"Can you speak?" I asked holding R and cradling her in my arms like a baby who just had a nightmare.

She shook her head. I carried her out of there with no problem aside from her fainting in my arms. I assumed it was just the traumatic experience.

I carried her home dressed her back in normal clothes. When she was awake she would either be completely blank or just smile and hug me. It was very weird of her. But once again, she was reasonably traumatized.

We cuddled on her couch in the living room until nightfall. Her hand and head were on my chest intimately feeling my heartbeat.

She finally spoke again in a weird nasty voice that sounded aged. "What if...what if she comes back to kill me? I'm scared!" She buried her face in my chest and cried.

I pet and brushed her hair. "It's okay. It'll be okay so long as I don't let go of you." I told her to comfort her and quickly kissed her forehead. She was dead silent again.

We slept in shifts again. I was still holding a knife and a gun. The bug spray and lighter still in my pocket.

During one of R's shifts I drifted to sleep. The last thing I heard her say was something along the lines of "I have to go to the bathroom okay, babe?" in a really manufactured voice.

I woke up shooting up looking at my glow in the dark watch. It was already way past my shift since it was midnight! 

"Oh shit!" I said standing right up. 

The only light in the room the flashlight on the floor facing up at the ceiling. I picked it up. I could feel R's presence in the room. So I turned around to face her. She was standing up not facing me. She almost seemed angry. I assumed she was mad about being forced to stay up late. She was stiller than a wooden board and kind of reminded me of a zombie.

I walked up to her from behind slowly approaching her. "Hey, babe. I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean for it to go like this, alright?" Her shoulders shook a little. I started to hear grunting and growling. I cautiously put my hand on her shoulder. "Ray...? Whats wro-" My words were cut off as she quickly deformed and twisted her neck around like an owl. Her eyes were a little white inside but mostly all black and huge. Her mouth stretched and was black too and an enormous size. Her face was long and pale. She looked just like the widow ghost! The woman in black who had been tormenting us this whole time! Then I realized why she was acting weird. It was because she was possessed since I got her back. Her body was no longer her own. She screamed and it made my eardrums feel like they exploded and I screamed back so hard and loud I thought all the glass in the house had shattered just as my eyes started to close her mouth stretched like it swallowed me whole. I tried to arm myself with my weapons and the fire but it was no use. I got taken over and sucked in! Flushed away even!

I woke up laying down in the mansion. It was empty yet again. I bring myself up a little. The lights flicker on and off. It gets even spookier from there. My vision had really skewed and distorted along with my hearing. My ears rang extremely all I could hear was that and static. I was looking at the stairs from before as I got up. Then I saw a flash and silhouette of a woman. It was beautiful and goddess-like. It was also so familiar to me. The vision got more and more clear. It was my girlfriend R. I gasped in shock. She was wearing a black short Victorian dress with red and a corset. The skirt was ruffled or something. She had matching socks and spiked warrior boots. She had gloves. She also had on the most intricate red feather crown I had ever seen. It looked like a jeweled arachnid. Her long hair was messy and untamed with a strand in her face. Her eyes shrunken and red. The blackness surrounding them leaking like bad pipes caking her whole face to her cheeks. Red blood was running down too! Her lips a dark wine red stained with blood. Fresh blood. I felt my neck. It was itchy and wet. Her cheeks were pretty red. She smirked villainously. She double cursed me because I was basically really cursed before if that makes sense. Her skin was paint white. She made that terrifying laugh looking at me and my pain sadistically. I cried but wept normal tears that time. I felt such woe and ache. The flashing happened more and more and it got more static and dark. The scene almost inverted.

"But why?" I asked pleading her.

"I am young now. The spiders no longer control me. I control them." She responded with undeniable pride.

Then it flashed super dark and she got closer and closer. She relished in torturing me by walking up as slow as possible. I couldn't see a thing because it was so dark but I could feel the spiders crawl over my face and into my mouth choking me to death.

I awoke in a white room getting up first thing. I looked around me. I was in a hospital.

"What gives?" I asked looking around everywhere processing my surroundings.

Then the doctor walks in through the door. "I can explain that. You see, you've gone missing numerous times. You would break into old houses and vandalize with your pals. That was one of the first signs of your violent behavior."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You're clinically insane. The spider thing isn't real, K. It was all in your mind."

"But...bu...but the ghosts and my girlfriend and Y died..."

"No. You had an anxiety attack went mad and punched a wall while experiencing delusions from insomnia. Before that you threw knives at a priest going door to door trying to sell bibles since they had no volunteers. You opened all the windows and doors in your house while freaking out to "escape". You blame this urban legend...this "spider woman queen" or whatever else you say. But the only proof in forensics is that you're the dangerous one. At least to yourself." He explained.

I was in awe and shock. I was at my awest. "But what about my girlfriend? She got possessed and do you explain that?"

"You both argued and she got depressed and yelled back and ran away. That's probably why you punched the wall."

"But Y and I got sick..."

"Yes but you're allergic to dust which is common."

"Then what about the spiders?" I asked still thinking and feeling the same though questioning. Second guessing myself.

"Spiders are everywhere naturally and you're crazy so it's a deluded metaphor."

Not wanting to argue I shut up and he left. I folded my arms. I felt such immense angst.

He came back in with a nurse to check my temperature.

"So where did you get all this info from anyways?" I asked genuinely curious for good reasons.

"Some old widow."

I felt my heart sink. She did it and I knew. But I had no proof. None. None whatsoever. And no one would believe me! 

And now everyone won't take me seriously anymore. At least about this so I shut up about it. I kept it a secret. I did this for ages and ages. I haven't seen my girlfriend since but I have this creeping feeling that she will never come back to normal. Even now I can feel her taunting me. I can hear the manic laughter. I can hear her screams of pain. But most of all I hear and feel those spiders crawling in and around my body even under my skin. I started scratching my arms over and over until I ripped open the flesh and bled out from the aching itch. My blood bubbled up like cauldron water. In the bubbles sprouted tiny little widows. I heard a banging on my door that practically cracked it open. I just sat there bleeding from everywhere accepting what was about to come.

R burst in in her spider queen form surrounded by long black tentacles. Instances like this happened over and over where I was sure I would die but woke up in the hospital. Am I really crazy? Or at least do you think so? I feel like I'm telling the truth. This would be such a ridiculous and intricate thing to lie about. The worst feeling ever is to die over and over but still yet survive! Until the next time I'm just sitting here in a hospital bed waiting for it to start all over again. The only strike I made at her was one of the last times she attempted to kill me. I lit bug spray on fire and it seemed super effective but I still lost the battle and my sanity. All I can do now is wait for more torture and to be put in a white room or straight jacket or something.

So please pass this around. I know I can't last much longer and the best you can do is warn people from my experience. Tell them to stay away from the haunted house, not to mess with the balance and the dead, and whatever else you may have learned from this. But most importantly: DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! Passing this along may pass along the curse but I don't care. I just want it to stop and for someone to believe me. Besides, even if the curse did get you you could never be as bad as me. I just want it all to end and be overxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx01110100 01101000 01100101 0100000 01100010 01101100 01100001 01100011 01101011 0100000 01110111 01101001 01100100 01101111 01110111 0100000 01100111 01100101 01110100 01110011 0100000 01101000 01100101 01110010 0100000 01110010 01100101 01110110 01100101 01101110 01100111 01100101

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