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As a young adult, I used to neglect myself from the outside world. My closet stacked with books, boxes full of weird drawings. My room had nothing on the walls, mostly empty. My mother always deemed me as "odd". My family used to worry a lot of about what kind of chaos would go on in my head. My appearance only supported the idea that maybe I wasn't alright in the head.

I had long brown hair, halfway down my back. I dressed in all black, mostly T-Shirts of musical groups and artists. I also carried a beanie baby with me, and would often pet it in class. A total outcast I was.

But here is the truth, most of what people or my mother would say about me were false and judgmental. My agenda all day was to wake up, go to school, and go home to play World of Warcraft. This is where the story begins, at my peak of adulthood, the age of 18.

On a misty, nippy, sooty night in the room of Cameron, who is me, the recluse that am. I lay awake playing World of Warcraft on my laptop, as always, doing quest after quest, the same thing over and over again. I heard a call from downstairs in the kitchen; "Cameron! Could you come down for a minute?"

It was my mother who called me. I grew frustrated, since that my mother and I are in a cold war with each other almost constantly. I sat up and rolled out of bed and dragged my way to the bedroom door, walking to the ruling of the stairs. I sighed and walked down slowly, thinking about what have I done to make her angry this time. Halfway down the stairs, I am stopped to the pealing, bloodcurdling cries of my Mother coming from her bedroom.

"Cameron don't listen to it! Don't go into the kitchen! That isn't me!" She sounded in agony, she sounded very upset, almost as if she was on the verge of crying.

I didn't know what to do, my heart was pounding, I was frozen in the center-most of the stairs, eyes widened in alarm. I didn't know at all what to do! I was too paralyzed to even think. Suddenly, another painful voice flooded the house from what I thought was my mother, this time coming from the kitchen.

"Cameron please, come here, I am so scared, I don't know what that thing is! It is threatening to murder us! Help me Cameron, help me!"

I still didn't know what to do. The voices began to fill the house again, this time rehashing everything they both have just said over and over again, coming from both rooms. Suddenly, I heard the faint sound of a blade being drawn.

Forgetting all of my fears, I finally gulped down my fear of death and ran downstairs, thinking since the kitchen is on the way to the bedroom, if there is a monster in it, I can always make it to the bed room and have enough time to grab my step father's shotgun and blast its fucking brains out. I turned the corner and dashed into the kitchen. When I arrived into the kitchen, I came to a halt. My heart was still pumping and I was breathing rapidly. I discovered that nothing was there after all.

"But how?" I whispered to myself.

It was at this time my mother walked out of her bedroom. She glanced over at me and smiled.

"Mom did you hear anything? Anything at all?" I asked while still in shock.

"No Cameron, why?"

I laid in bed that night. I couldn't quite get what have happened off my mind. Trying to fall asleep, I kept tossing and turning on my bed, just thinking about what exactly that voice was. Maybe all of it was just my imagination. I feebly inched my arm to my cell phone to check the time. 12:08 AM it displayed. Remembering that I have school in five hours, I started to try to force myself to sleep. Holding my eyes together tightly, even pretending that I was asleep, I finally slept.

I awoken with a gasp, after having a horrible nightmare. I hastily turned to my phone and grabbed hold of it and glanced at the time. 3:33 AM it read. I set the phone down next to my window. I also forgot to mention that my bed is positioned against the wall so when I lay down I can glance out the window and watch people go about their miserable and boring lives. After setting the phone down and clicking it on lock. I noticed something odd about the outside.

It wasn't cloudy or misty anymore, in fact, a full moon loomed overhead. That was odd, only about three hours ago the entire sky was filled with thick fog. Being already creepy enough, things got worse when I decided to glance downward at what was standing in the street. A shadow figure, looked almost like it was wearing a torn robe like the grim reaper would wear, it stood there, absent of movement. I froze in thundering fear, the first thing that ran through my head was.

"Is that him? Is he is the imposter?!"

But he couldn't be, there was nothing there, my mother told me so! After a few seconds of observing him, I noticed he wasn't facing my direction, so I most likely haven't been seen by it yet. I quickly pulled my covers over my head and closed my eyes tight and just hoped that I could just fall asleep. Maybe my imagination would put me to sleep. I laid there for what seemed like forever, until I decided to peak out of my sheets through a small hole to see if whatever that was is still there.

Now after making that choice, I instantly regretted it. What I saw was a dark face, the face of a demon, staring at me through the window, its cold face only a few centimeters away from the glass. It's mouth was large, almost like somebody dug a knife into the ends of its lips and sliced them. It had no eyes, only dark gaping holes.

The figure was exhaling black fog from its mouth. It's expression was lifeless. It just floated there, breathing heavily outside my window, I could hear it getting stronger. Being as scared as I was from earlier when I heard my mother screaming for help, I jolted backwards to the end of my bed.

Which did no good because I didn't realize that my entire room was filled with black fog, except for the zone that I was in. The "thing" began to dissolve into the air, its body being pushed away by the wind transforming it into fog and drifting away.

My heart began to beat normally again, well maybe not normally, but not as fast as it was before. I lay there with my eyes closed shut, wishing that the black fog would leave my room and hoping that it is just a depressive illusion filling my head with distortion and fear. I attempted to pull my covers over my head but something felt like it had a hold of my covers. I opened my eyes to see if maybe there was a large object on top of my covers. Once again, I regretted opening my eyes once more, the thing was laying in bed right next to me. Breathing, this time smiling wickedly.

My eyes widened, I was terrified. I gasped and tried to jolt myself back off the bed so I could run downstairs and dial 911 to phone the police, but the mysterious fog kept pushing me closer to the strange dark demon. It let out a long and delayed exhale of breath, the blackened fog making its way into my mouth, I could feel the chilling of it going down my throat and pushing its way throughout my body. The figure kept breathing this into me until the figure finally dissolved into black fog itself and made its way into my throat. At this point, I blacked out.

My alarm sounded at 6:05 AM, alerting me to wake up. I sat up in my bed and began to think. What happened last night? Was it all a dream? It must have been, I feel fine. I walked downstairs after going through the normal morning routine that I go through when I get ready for school. I threw my bags into my car and drove to school. The day went on quite normally, being picked on by the same kids. Dani being one of those bullies. At lunch I tried to sit alone at a table by myself like I do everyday.

However, I felt the presence of a large figure behind me. Before I had time to react, a large hand knocked my lunch off the table. The person grabbed my hair and picked me up by my hair, my head screaming in pain, my legs dangling, trying to kick him, the more I tilted back and forth from the force of me kicking is the more my hair pulled and yanked on my head.

As from what I saw, there was three bullies, and from the corner of the lunch room I saw the cops walking in our direction. Dani, the bully spat in my face and dropped me on the floor, I collapsed and was laying on my side as the rest of the bullies stood there and kicked my defenseless body relentlessly.

I began to cry "Stop! Please stop!" but they never listened.

Suddenly, I got the illusion of black fog flooding the room. None of the other kids reacted to the fog so it must have been only me seeing this. I suddenly began to lose my vision, and could only see the black figure from last night, giving that same grim smile, standing in the middle of my road.

The pain has gone away, I couldn't feel their kicks anymore, only the chilling wind gusting past me. The thing held out it's arm and held its thumb up, as if it was giving me a thumbs up. I could still hear the kids kicking me though, calling me names.

"Faggot! Stand up pussy! Quit being a long haired hippy fag!" Their laughter and name calling angered me, usually it never does.

I was angry, I wanted nothing more than just to kill. Kill them. I began to laugh, and the words 'Kill them' flashed in my head, I could hear my own voice commanding me to end their lives. Smiling and inspired to kill, I looked back the creature, giving me that same demented smile, its hand still in that thumbs up position. The creature rotated it's hand downward in a significant manner, giving me the thumbs down command, which felt like the command to.

Suddenly, I was standing in the middle of two dead cops and the corpses of the bullies. All around me kids were running in panic, screaming in terror at what have just happened, running in one direction out of the lunch room. I looked in my hand and found the police's handgun in it.

Still smiling and giggling, I laughed and walked slowly in the direction the kids were running. I aimed the firearm at their bodies and slowly began to unload bullets into their flesh. Kids dropped dead or collapsed to the floor and attempted to crawl away.

Watching the bullets rip apart their feeble flesh and make those worthless fucking bodies pump blood was just so joyful at this moment. Still following in the same direction as the panicking children, I continued to pop more bullets at those worthless pathetic fucks.

Suddenly, after I had a body count of about seven or eight, I saw SWAT troops pushing through the crowd of children, they kneeled on one knee and aimed their firearms at me. I couldn't make out the muffled sound of their radios they were speaking into but at this point it didn't matter, I knew I was done for. I aimed my weapon at my skull, pressing the barrel of the weapon to my flesh, ready to pull the trigger to end it all.

The idea of suicide began to get more fantastic as I thought of all the stress I will save myself from and all of the bullshit I will prevent from happening to me. I pulled the trigger. The gun fired. The bullet missed my skull. Unfortunately, one of the soldiers have shot my knee cap with a powerful bullet, or weapon, strong enough that it busted my leg into two, blasting the bottom half of my leg about five feet behind me, forcing me to plummet to the ground. The SWAT have crippled me before I got the chance to take my life. I blacked out from the pain of my now missing limb and the massive amounts of bleeding.

You might be wondering at this point, how am I writing this to you? Where did this story come from? Well, at the Montgomery County Prison where they have me locked up in, some of the consolers and doctors that see me daily give me activities to do to calm me down and make me a bit more productive.

One of these activities include writing on paper. For example, what is on my mind, and that is what I wrote. How this all happened. The Black Fog has possessed me, and turned me into the man I have always wanted to be. A strong, feared, ruthless monster of a man. A man who is no longer a part of the social dogma. Now, if you will excuse me, I have an escape plan to attend to, and this time, I am prepared.