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Hello, my name is Evan Steingrad.

I'm a highly experienced biologist that works in an underground facility in [REDACTED].

It was a stormy day, I had to get to work quickly to complete the Animal Disease Autopsy for our company's Animal Disease Research Test of 2011.

I got to work at around 7:30 AM. No one was there, which was odd because my friend, Martin, was ALWAYS there before me. I guess he was late. I was getting to my station when I saw one of the chemical delivering pipes were ruptured. I was getting upset and nervous at this point because I had no idea how that happened. I immediately ran around trying to look for some type of sealing. And found some waterproof ducktape in the cabinets, and pulled it out quickly, got my mask on, and went to seal it up.

Completely forgetting about the pipe puncture, (that kind of stuff happens to us all the time) I got into the autopsy room and went to the fridge to pull the pig out, and set the pig on the table carefully. I was getting angry that no one was coming since it was already 8:25 AM. But then I checked the Shift Status, I was the only one in today.

I got my Hazmat suit on, then started walking to the autopsy room. I opened the door and got started. I injected the worms into the heart which was very disturbing to see, but I got used to it. Let the pig set for about three hours. I came back in the room, to see something very odd. The heart of the pig was expanding rapidly, I was getting paranoid, wanting to leave the room. But I was so interested into what was happening. Little knowing how fast the heart was expanding it suddenly stopped..... SPLAT! I fell to the floor and hit my head. I became unconscious. Waking up to see blood and mucus all over the floor, walls and me, I constantly vomited at the sight. Looking back at the body, I started seeing little moving things. Some sort of giant larvae were popping out one by one out of different organs. I threw up several times again. The unknown larvae started to shimmy up my body, still barely conscious, I tried to get them off. One was on my face and seemed to try to get in my mouth, I stood quickly and started out the door, but I couldn't open the door, looking back there was more than I saw before, I was getting more sick at the sight my legs began to become wobbly. The larvae started to head to the fridge and started to chew on the other corpses. I quickly got my keys and ran out the door.

Frantically trying to type the code for the security door, I got it opened. I ran into the hallway to warn the administrator. I opened the door and he was sitting on a chair facing a laptop, I turned the chair around to see his own face was violently chewed up and mauled to the center where I could see the jaw exposed. I looked up, and there saw a crowd of larvae crawling from the vent.

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