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Light is not safe
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"It's cold out here," Samantha said. "Are you sure we can't just keep this investigation a one-night thing?"

"Don't be such a pussy, we've been out here for 27 hours now, we only have 23 to go," Mike said, carrying the camera.

They were walking through a forest at night, and it appeared to be winter but with no snow on the ground yet. The forest is known as Bayse Hill, famous for its records of Sasquatch sightings. That's why they were out there - to find Sasquatch.

Mike, Blake, and Samantha were all alone, only guided by a camera light.

"But it was day, now it's night... What if we find a coyote before we find Bigfoot?" Sam asked, you could tell she was scared.

"Coyotes don't attack people unless they're REALLY starving, and tell you what, if you keep being scared like this, the whole world is going to know how terrible you are in these types of things. Do you want that?" Blake asked.

"True that, Blade," Mike said. "Also, we've been walking around for too long now, I think we better get some sleep."

They set up their sleeping bags and put the camera on a tree to make it record overnight, but due to the leaves, you could hardly see any footage of the background. Later in the video, though, about 4 hours later, you could hear a strange yipping sound, that sounded like a mutated crossbreed between a cow and a kitten. It was close by, and a few minutes after that, you hear something being dragged along the leaves slowly.

Fast forward to morning;

"Mike... Mike!" Blake yelled.

"Wha... What's going on?" Mike asked.

"Sam's gone!" Blake said.

It was bright out, but you could tell it was a little cold yet. Mike grabbed his shotgun out of his bag and put it together while Blake grabbed the camera off the tree. They rolled up their sleeping bags and hiked out in search for Samantha. They figured she didn't leave temporarily since her sleeping bag as gone as well. They tried calling for her a few times, but they guessed she just left for home, sick of being alone in the forest with 2 guys.

"Hey, Mike, let's watch the tape overnight, maybe we can find out where she's at," Blake said.

"Nah, it's too long of a footage to watch, plus the camera was angled in another direction... Like we said, she probably went home to get phone reception," Mike said, they both laughed at that.

They hiked for two hours without getting anything, they just had a conversation about guns that entire time. But the camera suddenly caught a flash of something they didn't notice within those times; a big, human-looking beast standing in the distance, almost camouflaged due to its brown hair.

But at two hours of hiking, they both screamed and the camera was facing the ground, they both didn't move. After a minute, you could hear Blake saying, "S-Sam?" in almost a depressed voice.

"It can't be Sam... What the hell can do that do her?" Mike said, almost in tears by the way it sounded. He aimed the camera up at the dangling flesh that has to be a body that was completely ripped apart.

"Shit..." Blake said in shock.

Mike broke down in crying, the camera's view was shaking quite a bit. "It's not Sam!"

Then, you could hear a phone going off from inside her lungs, it was the same ring tone... it was Sam's corpse... or what was left of it.

"NO!" Mike said.

Blake put his phone back in his pocket. He took the camera from Mike and made the camera look at the lung, how it had not been even opened, how could the phone have gotten in there? He kept talking about it as if he were a documenter.

"Mike... Mike!" Blake said, slapping him. "Calm down. Let's finish this video."

Mike was on the ground crying, he slapped the camera out of Blake's hand while shouting, "Get that out of my fucking face!"

Ten minutes later, Mike calmed down and they both decided that this wasn't a work of an animal, there was someone else in the forest with them. They decided to leave and turn the camera into the police when they got into town.

About 20 minutes of walking down Bayse Hill, the cow-cat monotone was heard again in the camera. Blake turned the camera toward the sound as the both quickly looked. "Mike, do you hear that?"

The next second there is a scene playing for a few minutes; you see them running and crying in fear. "GO FASTER MIKE! FASTER!"

Then it cuts to them sitting at a little campfire of leaves they made. Blake was holding the camera once again and they both were simmered, but didn't look happy. "So they camera turned off a couple of times, we missed the footage, but we saw... fuck I can't describe it... it was just Bigfoot. We both agreed to stay out here until we get it on tape, nobody will believe us."

After a couple hours of just sitting there and throwing sticks into the fire, you could hear a branch cracking close by and you could see Mike turn his head to it and suddenly his facial expression go to panic when he sees what it was. They both begin running but Blake records it as they run. There was a big, furry beast right there, walking slowly 3 steps until it just stops and watches them run. A picture of it will be on this article.

The two guys decide to stop and take a breath.

"Mike, we gotta get out of here, we got it on tape now," Blake hollered.

"Got it, Blake, but I forgot how to," Mike said.

"So did I, but let's just keep going downhill, we'll get out of here eventually." Blake said.

The camera cut to a scene of them running, they were turning the camera on and off to save the battery. They both stopped running and Blake wasn't holding the camera this time, Mike was. The camera zoomed into something downhill about 20 feet staring at them. It was the furry beast, but it had black hair this time and was taller. It started running at them.

"Holy shit, how fast can it run?" Mike screamed as they started to run. The beast was running as fast as a car, it looked like it was going 20 MPH. Blake was tackled and Mike began running downhill, filming Mike being ripped apart and screaming.

The last cut was to Mike sitting by a tree, it was dark out. You could see his breath. "The camera's dead, these beasts seem omnipotent, I'm probably going to die..." he held back his cry. "I just want you to know there is such thing as a Bigfoot, and don't go too far up Bayse Hill. You'll never get back dow-" the camera died.

Mike Burgon, Samantha Toddler, and Blake Poner were last scene in this video; the events unexplained, the camera found far away from their corpse in mud by hikers. This video was for a school project about "Finding Bigfoot". This video is not available to the public and all content of it will be deleted unless sent out by a government agent such as me, telling you what is on the tape and giving you a picture.

If anyone knows if this video is a hoax and know where these kids are, please tell us now.

For safety precautions, if you do not know if this is a hoax; please do not hike on Bayse Hill.

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