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Have you ever had a best friend? Who was your first? I will be damned if I ever forgot mine. I wasn't sure who or what he was, but he told me to call him "Scythe". His hand was a long, dark, talon like sharp growth growing where his hand should have been. Red veins crawled half way down his scythe arm and down his severed, shriveled right arm.

I had no real friends in life then. I wasn't really a city kid. I was home-schooled in the cabin we lived in. Every night I would go out in the woods and feed Scythe my scraps from dinner, mostly venison and jerky. How he loved venison. He would kill deer all on his own. This didn't scare me- it wasn't like my dad didn't hunt and kill deer already. I was confused, though, about how Scythe lived with his mouth like that; a piece of skin was fused together with his bottom lip. But he didn't seem to mind it.

He swore he would protect me. I mean, who wouldn't be scared of a seven-foot-tall man with a sword for a hand? What creeped me out the most, though, is that he had three eyes, all of different sizes. His nostrils were sort of just smack-dab in the middle on his face.

He and I would sit around, eat, talk, and sometimes play hide-and-seek. He was fun to talk to, and funny for a man of his condition. I don't quite think he was a man, but I like to think he was. He would stare at me through the window of my room sometimes, his mouth gaping open, his arm crossed across his heart. I was too scared to ask him, I've asked him a lot of things, but this was different. 

One day, however, he told me, with his scythe to my cheek:

"I'm tired of deer meat," he leaned closer. "I want your meat."

I panicked. He wanted my meat? He was going to eat me.

"Why do was have to let this friendship end this way? Lets play a game," he said, pointing to a tree.

"I will count and you will hide, and when I get to a hundred...Well, don't worry, I will kill you quickly. You won't feel a thing! Well, no sense in sitting around here, I'm hungry. One, two, three..."

I ran to my cabin as fast as I could, I closed my curtains every night from then on and never went outside. I only went when someone was near me. Twenty years later, I am still afraid to go outside. I can feel him watching me. He knows our game of hide-and-seek isn't over.

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