Bedside Stranger-101:50

Bedside Stranger-1

So horror fills your veins with a feeling like no other, well lucky you, you are exactly who he needs. When you’re in bed and hear a creak, don’t think for a second it’s the house settling, because it’s him. Have you ever woken up in the middle night? It’s no coincidence, it’s him making you wake up. He knows you're scared of him because every night when you turn off that light you rush away as fast as you can, not checking any rooms because in the back of your mind you know he’s there, and you're too afraid to look.

Shadow man 2

Bedside Stranger

When you finally fall into the realm of sleep, he’ll stand above you watching. When you’re lying on your side not daring to turn around just in case something greets you, that’s him. Right when you’re about to doze off to sleep he will make a sound to keep you awake. When you finally get the courage to turn around, he will disappear, but if he doesn’t he’ll make your death as slow and agonizing as he can. Now you should try get some sleep, and remember to check every last room.

Sweet dreams.