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I met my girlfriend, Sarah over the internet on one of those dating sites. We talked for several months and I eventually decided to meet her in person. I traveled to her house that was located in some apartment in a pretty urban area. I don’t really like cities but I was willing to do anything for her. We went to a local restaurant and talked for hours about our interests and lives. She was absolutely beautiful, body and personality. Everything about her was so amazing. After about five hours, she finally asked the question I had been anticipating for so long, “Hey, Timothy, do you wanna go to my place?”

I answered with an excited, “Yes!” I was worried I seemed too eager and excited. Was I too excited? Did I seem creepy? Was I too desperate sounding?! Holy fuck, did I just ruin another date by being an awkward fuck?

I finally snapped out of my nervous rambling in my brain when she said, “Well, what are you waiting for?” with a sensual but loving smile.

I said, “Nothing, I’m sorry. I didn’t seem weird when I said yes, did I? I usually freak out girls and they leave me after the first da...”

She put her finger on my lips. She said, “Shhh. I don’t think you’re weird. I think you are the most amazing person I’ve ever talked to. Just come on to my place.”

I was so relieved that I felt like crying. We drove back to her place in her vehicle. We sat at her table for a few minutes, staring into each other's eyes. I was worried I was making it awkward but as soon as that thought crossed my mind, she said, “Want to go to my bedroom?”

I froze immediately. My heart was pounding with a mixture of excitement and fear.

I said, “WHAT?!”

She said, “I asked if you wanted to go to the bedroom, silly. Don’t worry, I won’t… Bite…” She softly bit my neck as she said that.

We kissed and wrapped our tongues around one another. We walked into her bedroom, still kissing and grabbing, passionately. We tossed our selves on the bed. We undressed each other. We couldn’t wait to get each and every zipper zipped and every button unbuttoned. We made love and it was exhilarating. The next morning I woke up beside her. She was lying in my arms. I looked into her sweet, sweet face. She woke up after a while and her eyes met mine. She held me tightly as she was seemingly staring into my very soul.

She said, “Last night was absolutely amazing.”

I said, “Yeah, you’re one Hell of a lover.”

She quietly smiled and chuckled. “Not as good as you are, Timothy,” she said, still staring into me with her starry, blue eyes. 

We sat down at the table after we cooked breakfast together. I said, “Damn, this is even better than the restaurant.”

Sarah smiled and said, “It’s probably because you helped.”

I nodded my head no and said, “Nope. It’s because we cooked it.” We hugged and then eventually, I moved out of my small house in the woods and moved in with her. After a year, love took its course and we were married. Something was missing though. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. What could be missing when my lifelong dream of being loved by a beautiful, nice person had come true? After a few months, I finally came to the conclusion. I was missing home. I missed the lukewarm air of the forest, the nice scent of the forest and the company of the wildlife. I wanted Sarah to experience this too. One afternoon, I asked her, “Hey, have you ever wanted to go in the forest?”

She said, “I’m not sure. I have always kind of been scared of it to be honest.”

I said, “It’s not scary at all. Remember my house you visited when we first met?

“Yeah. Your house is the one place I could ever imagine being relaxed and safe feeling in a forest,” she said.

I replied, “Would you be willing to move into the forest and live there with me?”

She looked at me with a surprised look on her face. “I don’t know. That’s a big change from the city.”

I told her, “Just imagine the feeling of freedom we would have! It would just be the two of us. We wouldn’t have to deal with the constant noise of traffic and we wouldn’t have a bunch of assholes around us!”

She looked at me and sighed, “I guess I’m willing to do it. I love you and I’m willing to do about anything to make you happy.”

I smiled and said, “I would do the same for you. I’m not being selfish, am I?” She hugged me and assured me, “Of course not. I may be nervous about moving into somewhere like that but like I said, I want to do what’s best for you.” 

After a little while of saving up money and packing up, we found a nice cabin out in the woods. A bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room. It wasn’t anything too big but it had all the room we needed.

We were unpacking when she said, “This is so different. This is so, so different from the city.” I was worried.

I said, “You aren’t upset, are you?”

She said, “No, Timothy. I’m just getting used to it. I’ve always lived in the city so it’s a little overwhelming.”

I held her tightly. I said, “I promise I’ll help you get through it.” She looked at me in the eyes and we kissed. We got our stuff unpacked and we passed out on the couch from exhaustion. I had a dream that night. I woke up in a pitch black forest. The trees were covering any light that could come from the moon. My eyes got used to the darkness and saw a patch of dirt, barely lit by the moon.

I walked towards it and saw a strange object. It was a single, white rose. It wasn’t like a normal rosebush. It was just one flower, sticking out of the ground. I walked to it. It was strange how nothing seemed to grow around it for several feet. I walked to it. It had a strange, black spiral pattern on it, running from the center. It reminded me of a galaxy. I heard a noise in the woods. My eyes were completely adjusted to the dark at this point so I could see pretty well so I looked around. I saw a figure. It was dark and I couldn’t make much detail out. It had its back turned to me. I took a few steps forward to see what it was and then I woke up. It was morning. I noticed Sarah was gone. I said to myself, “Must have gone to work.” I decided to go on a walk in the woods behind the house. I missed this. I loved the smell of the fresh, pristine air of the woods.

I ran onto a trail a few minutes into the walk. It was very old looking and had a lot of overgrowth on it. I got curious so I followed it. It went on for about a quarter of a mile. I finally reached the end. What I saw shocked me. It led to the exact place I saw in my dream. It had the rose and everything. I knew this had to be impossible. Dreams can’t just become real like this. That’s just psychic bullshit. As all these thoughts raced through my mind, I kneeled down and picked the rose to examine it. When I got back up, I froze. Every hair on my body rose up. As I stood there, trembling, I felt a strange, primal feeling. It was that kind of feeling you get when you know something really bad happened and you’re just waiting for the aftermath.

I felt like thousands of eyes were peering into my soul. I finally snapped out of it and ran straight in the direction of the house. I dropped the rose. I didn’t care at this point. I just wanted to get the Hell out of there. It was almost dark and I could hardly see. I tripped several times and almost sprained my ankle. I was running on pure adrenaline so any pain I felt didn’t matter. After running the entire length of the trail, the house finally came into view. I was so relieved. I was aching so badly. I didn’t understand what happened but all I could think of is how relieved I was.

The walk to the door lasted only a few minutes but it felt like an hour. I finally walked in my house. I was about to collapse on the couch when I was suddenly grabbed. I wanted to run but I was frozen in terror. I screamed and turned around.

“What is wrong, Timothy?!” It was just Sarah. I froze for a second.

I thought, “I’ll sound crazy if I say what really happened.” I contemplated what I’d say for a few seconds. “I was on a walk and I heard a bear,” I said.

She held me tightly and said, “I was so worried. I waited for an hour when I got home. I was about to call for help!”

I hugged her and told her, “It’s okay. I just got very deep in the woods.” 

We went to bed after all of that. I woke up because I heard a noise outside the room. I got out of bed, very startled. Sarah woke up from me jumping so bad and said, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

I said, “I heard a noise outside. I’m going to go see what it was.”

She said, “Please stay, I don’t want you to get hurt. It could've been the bear you said you heard.”

I reassured her and told her, “I’ll bring my handgun and a flashlight. I’ll be able to protect myself.”

She said, “Okay, but promise you’ll come back.”

I said, “I promise you, I will.”

I got my stuff and headed out of the room. I flicked the light on and walked down the hall. I checked the bathroom, nothing. Kitchen, nothing. There was nothing in the house. I opened the door to the garage and I headed outside. The feeling I felt in the woods was still in the back of my mind. I walked outside the garage. The feeling I had grew stronger with every step. I just wanted to go back to bed but I had to protect Sarah.

I flicked the flashlight on. I shined the beam into the yard. I didn’t see anything. I walked down the driveway. I heard a noise in the woods. It was a crunching noise, like someone walking in the woods. I shined the beam towards the trees. There was a thick black mist in the forest. I was confused and scared by this. I have never seen anything like it. It was like fire but it was very dark.

I was wondering, “Am I really seeing this? Is it just a hallucination?” I eventually faded away. I stood there for a little while longer, still trying to make sense of what the fuck I saw. I eventually forced the thought that I was just seeing things and headed back to the house. I put the gun and flashlight up and went back to my room. Sarah asked, “What was it?” I paused, thinking back to whatever the Hell all of that shit was and replied, “It was just some raccoon. There is a lot of them around here.” I felt bad for lying but I didn’t want to say what happened. It sounded ridiculous. I felt like I was going fucking insane.

We went back to sleep. The rest of the week went on like normal until the nightmare happened. I went to bed as normal. Everything that night was normal until that horrid nightmare. The nightmare starts out in a barely lit room. It was strange since there wasn’t a light source. The room was a fairly long room. The other side was completely dark. I backed up against the cold, damp wall. I looked into the darkness. The black fog stuff started flowing out from the darkness. I started to panic. There was nowhere to run. Some of the darkness took the forms that suddenly grasped my arms and legs. It forced me to the wall and I screamed from the pain. I saw a dark shape moving towards me. I struggled to escape. 

The dark figure moved forward. It looked feminine. My heart was pounding as I saw more and more of it. I realized that this was the thing in the dream. It finally got close enough for me to see it in detail. It was a woman with very pale, white skin. She was wearing a black dress and she had very long, black hair. The weird thing about her hair and dress is that the black fog flowed from them like they were made out of it. Her face was the most terrifying thing though. It looked normal other than how pale it was except it had nothing but a pair of slightly large eyes. 

The skin around them was black like she was wearing makeup but it was clear that it was organic. The irises looked almost nonexistent because they were just as black as the pupils. The sight of these eyes was terrifying. I felt them pierce into me. Her gaze was like needles. She came closer to me, with each step, I was getting more horrified. She suddenly stopped. The tendrils came loose and I collapsed to the floor. Her dress suddenly vanished. I was confused and shocked by this action.

It was then when I saw the very evil gaze in her eyes. I suddenly realized that my clothes were off. I realized what was going on now. My blood ran cold. She wanted to take advantage of me. She got just inches away from my face. She stared into my eyes with a wide eyed stare. She pinned me down to the ground. Every place her skin touched felt like knives of dry ice piercing through. She started to rape me. I was crying and trying to get away. I couldn’t get out from her grip.

She tried to make each ice cold thrust as slow and horrible as possible. It was so cold it hurt. She made sure I looked into her eyes when she did this. I was absolutely mortified. I hated the fact that this thing was forcing me into this. I felt tremendous guilt when I thought of my girlfriend. I felt like I was betraying her even if I didn’t have control of the situation. Finally, the thing finished. When she did, the pain of being inside changed.

It felt like heated metal surged through my body from my genitals. I screamed and she got up. As she rose, everything faded to black. I woke up with a jump. I was glad that I was out of that. That was the most horrifying experience I ever went through at that time. I didn’t tell Sarah about it. I didn’t want the thing to somehow get to her. These things I was seeing were definitely not just hallucinations and dreams. These things went on for a couple of weeks. I soon began to start to accept the fact that it was happening.

After I accepted this, the dreams changed. The woman started to not hurt me anymore. The pain stopped. I soon began to start getting a sick satisfaction from it. I couldn’t believe it but I started to enjoy it. I felt horrible and disgusted at myself after every dream. How could I feel this way when I had a perfect, beautiful girl like Sarah. I decided to take Sarah out to dinner to try to get rid of these horrible thoughts.

She just wasn’t as good anymore. I soon became bored of Sarah. The beautiful woman did everything way better than Sarah. She promised me paradise and said she would give me everything I ever wanted. There was a price though. Sarah had to go. I took Sarah out on a midnight walk. We were in the middle of the woods when she turned around and said, “I’m so glad you helped me get over my fear of… Why do you have your gun out? Did you hear something?” I pointed the gun at her head. She turned pale and tears streamed down her face. She screamed, “WHAT ARE YOU-” I shot her between the eyes with my pistol. 

She dropped to the ground. Blood poured from the hole in her head. I stared at her body for a while. I thought of how I could finally live with the woman, the beautiful, beautiful woman. I had a while so I decided to write this. I am so excited to see what she has in store for me. She has finally arrived. She tells me I have to put the gun in my mouth and pull the trigger to join her. I’m so, so happy.

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