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Jeffrey and Tom loved baseball. When they were young, they had played on the town's baseball team. Jeffrey had been the pitcher, and Tom had played second base. Now that they were older, they spent their time watching baseball games on TV and talking about baseball.

"Do you think they play baseball in heaven?" Jeffrey asked Tom one day.

"That's a good question," Tom said. "The one who gets there first should let the other one know, somehow."

As it turned out, Tom got to heaven first after he was in a bad car accident. Jeffrey waited patiently to hear from him. One day Jeffrey found a see-through Tom in the living room. He was scared, but curious.

"What is it like up there?" Jeffrey asked. "And do they play baseball?"

"When it comes to baseball, I have good news and bad news," Tom said. "The good news is that we do play baseball in heaven. We have some fine teams. In fact, I even play second base on my team, just like in the old days."

"What's the bad news?" Jeffrey asked.

"The bad news," Tom started, "is that you're scheduled to pitch tomorrow."

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Credited to Alvin Schwartz