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As a child, Aunt Donna was always there for me. My parents were never around, always working hard. They never gave me attention like Aunt Donna did. She was the one who cared for me, and who I could go to for help when I needed it.

She was so sweet, always bringing me snacks while she watched me. She had a wide, bright smile, and short blonde hair. She was a beautiful middle-aged woman, but she never married. I was the closest she had to a son.

My parents left for work before Aunt Donna came to my Riverside house in Windsor, Ontario. Aunt Donna was never late, so I worried. I stayed sitting on the stairs, and waited for twenty minutes at least. She came in, smiling brightly. "Hello there Jonathan!" She sounded so happy as her bags banged against the door frame. She sure had a lot of bags this time.

I asked her what was in the bags. "Presents!" She smiled, then put on a red hat with a white, furry tassel. "It's early Christmas today!" She beckoned me to follow her to the living room. I sat on the couch, and she sat on the other. She pulled many colourful gifts from her bags. "This one's for you..." She passed me a gift, then she placed one on the couch beside her, "and this one's for Bradley..." I didn't find that strange or anything, Aunt Donna was always an oddball.

I opened the box, and found inside a watch. It had rockets on the face of the miniature clock on it, and planets. It ticked away, and I put it on. I thanked her as any child would, then skipped away while her friend opened the gift it was given too.

Later that night, I went out of my room to find out what Aunt Donna had been doing. There were gifts everywhere. I asked her what was for dinner. Spaghetti was okay, a little simple though. She told me to run off and play, so I did. The spaghetti tasted a little interesting compared to other spaghettis I've had.

While I rode a bike around my house, I stopped. A present was in front of me. I continued, two presents were blocking me. As I went onwards, the number increased, until there was a wall in front of my bicycle. I thought of it as a challenge. I zoomed into the wall of empty boxes. They exploded, and crashed into the ground with my force. I grinned proudly as I biked away.

When I grew older, though, I started to notice these things. Aunt Donna became older, but she stayed cheerful as ever, and kept contact with her invisible friends. On an early Christmas, she passed me a gift box. Inside, the same watch I got every day she chose it would be Christmas was in it. I put it on, and smiled, thanking her for my gift as a form of kindness.

I asked her why she gave gifts to her invisible friends if they never opened them. That was the first time I had seen her somewhat angry. "The children are here! Don't call them invisible!" She defended them against me, "I thought you had learned better than to offend them..." She started muttering things that just didn't make sense.

A few days later, I confronted her again. I told her that I believed that she might need to see a psychiatrist. Her reaction was the same. She was in denial.

Three more days passed, then I told her that I didn't want her to come watch me anymore. I was old enough to care for myself now, with all the things she had taught me. She shook her head and smiled, "Jonathan, you can never leave me." Then, she passed me another gift. "Don't tell the other children about this one, it's special!" She whispered, then skipped away. The large box was colourfully wrapped, and intriguing. I opened it.

It was empty.

A few more days later, a young boy was at my house. I didn't recognize him. I poked him in an effort to get to know him, but he ignored me. Aunt Donna came over, "Here Freddy! Here's your gift!" It was the same gold watch, with little rockets and planets on the face, that she had given me all those early Christmas days before. Then she passed an empty box over to me, and placed it on my lap. "And this one is for you Jonathan..." She placed another on the other boy's lap next to her, "And this one is for Bradley!" She laughed cheerfully.


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