I saw Audrey in the living room, staring out the cracked window. She just stood there; straight and lady-like, wearing the torn, dirty white gown she had worn for years. Not a movement she made. I was worried. She must've been scared for me. I only told her yesterday, so it was reasonable that she was still shocked.


I knew she didn't expect it from me, but I think deep down, she knew it had to be done.

Approaching her, I stepped over shattered glass and splinters protruding from the creaky wood floors. I reached the window where she stood and looked down at her from the side. I put my hand on her shoulder. She flinched.

She looked up at me. I had never seen such a frightened look in my entire life. Her soft, blue eyes were wide and shifty, and her mouth hung open. The dirt that caked her face was blurred by a single tear.

"Audrey, I..."

She swallowed hard. Her lip trembled. I prayed she didn't burst out in tears, I would start crying myself if she did.

"Listen... I know you're scared. And I am too. But..." I had a hard time finding my words, "...but just think about all the changes we could make. We're getting paid a lot for this, you know. You... me... June... we could get away from this old shack and... and live in a wonderful house. And we could buy great food, hot meals..."

I could hardly continue. Audrey stared back out the window. She knew, I knew; we could only focus on the rewards after the deed was done.

"It's gonna be wonderful."

She didn't reply.


The old clock ticked. I looked up and saw the time. 10:00 AM. It was time to go.

I couldn't believe I was doing it. This would be something that would have a mark on history. Police would search the entire country, but if everything went according to plan, I could pull it off without being caught.

All I could think about was my two daughters as I grabbed my gun.

John F. Kennedy wouldn't be an easy target, but I needed to do it. For the money. For my life. For Audrey.