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Here she is. She stands in the corner, with no one to hear her cries. She screams as the murderous villain constantly pounds on the door with the side of his fist. Tears slowly roll down her apple-red cheeks, as each cry causes her lungs to greatly inflate and shift her body forwards, the door hitting her back each time. The girl is very vigilant, yet determined she will die. The villain on the contrary side is silent, only making noise with contact of body parts, he doesn’t have a voice. When he does speak, he uses his Blade of Fear. This Blade of Fear is known to be fantasy, and it is known to be one of the deadliest weapons on the planet. The dagger is rumored to be made out of shadow and fear itself, but no one knows what it does.

Here he is. He stands at the door, waiting to come in, all he needs is a friend to hold him and to play a few games with him. He attempts to pound harder, but no one hears him, and all he hears is the laughter of what could be his friends, but they don’t answer. He keeps on trying; he’s a sorrowful yet confident guy. With every knock he gains more pride that the friends of his will answer. But they never do, they all ignore him, like he’s the loser in school. Nobody will hear his cries, and soon someone comes and beats him like he did something wrong, and Mom never even said they could beat him. He will be forever dead inside.

His name is Slenderman.

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