On a wasteland road, two brothers walked along, no purpose, no objective. Just to see where the road would lead them. If it was to their deaths, or their dreams, these roads of asphalt would lead them there.

In the horizon a blurry shape formed, standing still in the bright light. The brothers didn't stop, even when the shape started to run towards them, they walked casually as they had been walking the past days. The leaves of rotten, grey trees flew across the road as the brothers and the shape came closer and closer.

As the figure drew near enough to see, its blurry form was replaced with the form of a twisted desecration of what used to be a human body. Its scalp was brutally ripped on the side of its head, as it came closer more details about the creature's body could be seen. Its clothing soaked in blood, its jaw was only connected by a grey chord and flapped upon what was left of its throat.


Such speed for such a damaged being. When the creature wasn't but ten meters from the two brothers, the older of the brethren raised a machete. At impact the older of the brothers aimed for his throat, and through its trachea as it went. Only held back a meter by the rust of the machete it continued its futile mission though it was already lost.

As parts of the broken blade fell into his sore and bloody throat the older of the brothers dragged it violently out and proceeded to cut his head in half, and it fell on the ground in a small pond of its own blood.

Even after the encounter with this creature the tiniest of the brothers with his face covered in the rotten blood of the walking corpse did not shed any tears, for it was not the first and it wouldn't be the last.

As the brothers walked away as they had always, stepping over the remains of their defeated adversary they noticed another shape taking form in the darkening horizon.

"Here we go again, brother," said the tiniest of the two, the older one nodded as he raised his weapon.