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"Okay man, we go in, come out with the goods. If the alarm goes off, we scram..."

"I don't know, I don't want to go to jail..." Jim said with a worried face.

"It's going to be okay... We go down together..." 

"Fine..." Jim said relieved. 

"Okay man, we are at the door, just go in and get the stuff. Then meet me at the van I'll be waiting."

"Okay I'm ready." Jim said with a brave expression on his face.

"Everybody down on the... ground. Where the fuck is everybody?" Jim said as he takes off the mask.

The whole place was deserted. Jim turned around to find the once sunny and happy park area, covered in dust, dead trees, and a weird misty fog. The van was gone; what had happened?

The building was rotting from the inside, the paintings were smeared in a black goo. 

"Hello? Anybody here?"

A noise was heard from the upstairs loft.

Jim walked upstairs with a blank expression.


"Anybody here?"

Jim was ambushed from the back.

"Who are you? What is happening?!"

"Hello Jim..."

"What do you want?"

"Oh Jim, I don't want anything. This is your punishment."

"For what?!"

"Bad decisions. The way you're such a tool to everybody; you're useless, you get one more chance..."

Jim was touched by the thing and was smeared in black goo.

His vision was blurred for a minute, Jim closed his eyes thinking he was going to die. He opened his eyes to find himself back in the van.

"Okay man, we get in, get the goods, then scram. Okay?"

"No." said Jim. 

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