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Somewhere, in a forgotten part of England, there dwells an old building. If you ever visit the building, you’ll be shocked to find that it’s actually in good condition. The outside may be grey as you’d expect but there are no scratches or holes in the walls. You can get in with the right equipment (well, a crowbar). I would leave it alone but hey, you might be curious. 

The inside is where the history truly is. There is evidence everywhere of what the building used to be. Broken toys, scattered crayons, some colourful badges, it’s clear that the place used to be some sort of day-care or after school club. It’s not a big place, but it’s big enough for about 40 kids. The lights still work, to your amazement, so you can go check out the other rooms (which you will).

Most are locked with keys that have been lost for a while. One is still open though. You can see something in the corner of the room. It looks kind of like a child, but you can’t see its face. The thing is curled up so at first it looks like a trick of your sight. When it starts to laugh, you find yourself being more than sure that it’s not a child, the laugh is too sad. It looks like a child, any you’ll try and come up with a reason that it’s here, but ultimately it won’t do you any good. Hey, since you were curious enough to wonder in you might as well stay there with it.