You know the feeling just as well as everyone else does. Whether it be the tossing and the turning restlessly in your bed, or the moment you are put into immense focus or pressure. It starts.

An itch or a tickle begins somewhere on your body. You try to keep composure and continue to focus or think, but the feeling becomes overwhelming until you can't fight the urge to scratch the spot, soothing the area.

From what we know and are told, it is just our nerves or perhaps our thoughts that cause our body to break away from our mindset and start that damned tickle. That tickle that sends our mind into ruin as we drop our thoughts or our focus, and begin to try to calm and soothe the skin.

No, that's a lie.

That itch isn't caused by our nerves or our thoughts. Oh no, it is caused by something far worse. A monster causes this. It has no name or a particular form, but trust me, it is indeed a monster.

It sits and waits constantly watching, waiting for the perfect opportunity to toy with its prey. To annoy or bother you. To cause you to fail or forget. It wants to have its fun with you. Before it tries to go in for the kill.

Most are too strong to fall prey to its tricks when in a situation requiring more focus or thought. It tries to break your focus at all times. Some moments are far worse than others.

Take driving, as such an example, of a far worse scenario. It preys on you, trying to get you to break your focus. "I'll only take my eyes off the road for a second," you might think to yourself. But in that split moment you take your eyes off the road, it won. It was stronger. And it might just seize that moment to end you right there. Crash

It will take every chance it gets to bug, bother, and pester you. To ruin everything you have. It longs to see you screw up, and every time it succeeds, it gets better and better at ruining you. So be wary of that small tickle or itch.

For that monster is there, and it is just waiting for the chance to seize the opportunity to bother or ruin you yet again. And maybe, just maybe, if you are fast enough, you might catch a glimpse of it. Hastily returning to where it was hiding before. Where it will wait until it gets another chance to strike again.