He was walking to his car to check the windows. He knew a storm was approaching, but as he reached the car, it clicked as it does when it's recently been driven.

He hasn’t left since yesterday.

Though this startled him, he assumed it was just his mind playing tricks. Still a bit alarmed, he quickly made his way back into his house attempting to show no fear.

A few minutes later, he heard the rain hitting the windows of his house. He looked at the clock. It read 12:19. He didn’t feel like sleeping, so he went to his computer and started to write.

But as he sat, he remembered he left his phone in the car. Reluctantly, he returned to the car. It was still clicking. As he was searching the car, he looked up to see that the window he had just shut had been opened again.

He closed it and rushed back inside, feeling uneasy as he sat. He turned his phone on, and saw that the time was now 11:56. Assuming it had somehow been changed, he looked at the clock that he swore read 12:19 ten minutes earlier, only to see that it also said 11:56.

He was confused, but still attempting to pass all of this of as mind tricks, he began to believe he was just tired. Who knows, maybe he was.

But none of that matters. He’s still dead. Well he was and, he will be…