You must understand the nature of love,
And the nature of-
Things like affection.
And how soon it can become an obsession.

I watch her now,
On a tree beneath her window.
She looks at him with such infatuation,
Much to my frustration.

Amara is her name,
And her magnificence-
It sets my heart aflame.
O, how I adore her resplendence-
Those blue eyes
Remind me of the beautiful skies-
Above, in heaven,
Where she must have been.

I’d known her for years,
And eventually got over my fears-
My unease.
The day I told her, there was a breeze,
The gust gliding through her hair,
Making her look more fair.
I told her I loved her-
That I wanted to be with her-

She gazed at me with those beautiful eyes,
As she tries
To tell me…
‘It can’t be,’
I think- I know,
‘Why?’ I inquire.
‘There’s someone else,’ she says, much to my ire.

I wished to know more about this one,
This person who caused my love to shun
And that is how I come to be,
Here on this tree.

I realize that he’s unworthy
Of this being of beauty.
I know now that he must
Be gone for me to get the one I lust.

I plot and plot,
And not for naught.
Soon I confront this man,
Gun in hand.
It goes off-
He drops.

I soon tell Amara about her ‘lover’s’ execution,
And this is a solution.
We can now be together

She screams
At me, and my dream
I aim the gun between her eyes-
Her beautiful eyes-
I watch her fall
And I know I’ve ruined it all.
I look down the barrel of the firearm,
And think of all the harm
It has caused
And all that I have lost.

I see Amara and
Her lover hand in hand.
And I realize that my obsession
Caused these horrible transgressions.

Written by Dorkpool
Content is available under CC BY-SA