I could feel the heat raging behind the slowly melting doors of the burning house. I coughed, the smoke seeping through the cracks of the doors. I held her in my arms, her body limp, but not lifeless. I could hear her shallow breathing and her eyes were fighting to open.

I looked around. The flames were ready to engulf us on the other side of the door, I just knew it. I had to act fast. I wasn't sure how quickly they'd get us.

Every second ticked in my head, pressuring me. I looked down at the sweet girl again, who looked at me for a second, but her emotion was difficult to read through the smoke. It hurt my lungs. I couldn't really breathe. Time was still ticking. I had to do something.

So I did.

I opened the door, and dropped the girl into the flames.

As I said, I wasn't sure how quickly they'd get us.

I had to burn the evidence.