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It was another normal night. I spent a few hours on my computer, played on my Xbox, made food; the usual. But it wasn't until later that night that I experienced the most phenomenal thing.

I was getting ready for bed, I slipped into my pajamas and tucked myself in. I lay there, resting. Thousands of things floated through my mind. All my thoughts from the days before came back, all the weird sounds I have been hearing in my head. The static. I was thrown out of the bank the other day for setting the metal detector buzzer off, even though I had no metal on me. Or so I thought.

I finally began falling asleep, my eyes shut tight and my brain on standby, until a bright white light lit up my room. I slowly opened my eyes, trying to focus on the light reflecting through my window. I had no energy to get up and check. I heard creaks. The next thing I know I was naked, tightly strapped to a very uncomfortable metal bed of some sort. I couldn't move. Two shadows lay before me, my eyes couldn't focus on the bright light that shone down upon my face. 

I couldn't speak, my voice was gone. I tried screaming, shouting, but nothing came out. I felt a small needle pierce through the skin of my arm, something was injected. I tried to escape, but whatever it was was restraining me. It held me down with all its might. The light turned down and I could finally open my eyes. In front of me was the ugliest creature I had ever seen. It was green, slimy with massive black eyes beading down to mine. It had a large head. There was three of them. Behind them was a window, I could see clouds. I saw four fingers come towards my face. Two were placed on my eyes, they were gently shut.

I woke up again. Only this time I was back in my room; was it all a dream? Was I really abducted by aliens? Pfft, no. Of course not. Aliens aren't real. I hopped out of my bed, still woozy from the dream. I fell flat on my face with agony, I couldn't walk. I looked at my foot, it was all bruised. Along the soles of my foot were purple and blue, serious bruising damage. Had I hit it off my wall during my sleep? Maybe, until I noticed the red mark in my arm. The same place where the needle was inserted in my "dream."

It hit me like a ton of bricks. It wasn't a dream. It happened.

I was abducted.

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