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It was a Tuesday night, and I had just returned home from my work shift. I was without a home at the time, so I lived at my mother's house. When I opened the front door, the lights were off throughout the house and my mother was absent. So I decided to call her cell phone just to find out where she was and if she was okay.

I lay on the bed in my room, pulled out my cell phone and dialed her number. No one answered. I decided to dial again in case she was busy or I accidentally called the wrong phone. This time there was an answer, but nothing was said on the other line, it was just air. I kept repeating "Hello?" but still there was no reply.

I hung up and dialed once again; someone picked it up. At first it was just air like the last call, but then there was breathing, followed by a grainy giggle which was definitely of a man's voice. Then he hung up and the call ended. I felt a chill. I was dead certain I dialed the right number, I called my mother all the time so it was practically instinctual, and the number I called read "Mom" whenever I dialed it.

I soon went to the kitchen to microwave a bedtime snack. While I was walking toward the kitchen light switch, I noticed something. My mother's phone was on the counter, the same one I had dialed... 

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