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Morgue (1)
It was winter of 2008. I had been out with a couple of friends, drinking hot chocolate and Christmas shopping when we decided to visit my friend Christina. She was in the hospital with a severe case of pneumonia, so we figured she would enjoy some nice flowers. We stopped by the flourist and bought a bouqet of pink carnations, her favorite, before heading to Calvary Hospital.

We entered through the large sliding doors, the heavy air hitting me almost instantly. I sighed deeply, a sudden feeling of remorse coming over me as I climbed the stairs to the second floor.

After our visit with Christina, we decided to do what most teenagers do: explore. We wandered the halls, becoming disappointed at not finding anything before my boyfriend,Travis, nudged me. I stopped, giving him a curious look before turning my head in the direction he was staring. A large sign that read, "Morguatory" in big red letters was on the wall with a steel door beneath it.

"Let's go in," Travis whispered, my other friends nodding in agreement shortly after. I shrugged, giving my sign of approval as my friend Bethany tried the door. With much difficulty, it swung open. I looked around at the sheet-covered slabs, worry and excitement filling the pit of my stomach. I walked around, reading each name tag slowly. One name caught my eye.

"Brighid Sage." I tilted my head, staring at the white sheet before me. Suddenly, the sheet rustled, and my heart stopped for a milisecond.

"Tra-" I didn't have time to get his name out before the sheet flew off, revealing a girl that looked to be in her twenties. Her long black hair was in a tangled mess, and her orangey-colored eyes were frozen open. By this point, we were all staring at her, way to scared to move. Her red lips curled up in a twisted grin. She was wearing what looked like a black dress, showing a hole in her chest where her heart should've been. That's when she spoke.

"Have you ever seen a dead girl walk?" Her tone was sinister with a voice like velvet. Finally, we snapped out of our daze, we ran out of there, slammed the door, and never looked back.

I still have nightmares of that day, and I can feel eyes on me from time to time. Sometimes, I see a girl out of the corner of my eye, with bright red lips and hair like midnight, waiting to show me the afterlife.

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