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Anderson's Apparition

I've been looking for a pattern for weeks... but there never seemed to be one to follow. He would always appear and terrorize me like he's continuously done for days. I've already gone insane, and I’m not sure how long I can fight his cold grasp. All I have is this stupid paper... a piece of paper that could possibly be my last testimony of what happened that night... the night it all changed.

Jesus, where do I begin? There’s this unforgivably painful feeling of guilt residing in my gut and the urge to vomit continuously pesters me as I cower in the corner of my dimly lit restroom. It’s slowly getting colder as insanity’s merciless grasp continues to crush me beneath its growing influence within my shattering mind. I can’t tell what’s real anymore, nor whether this reality I’m forced to live is a nightmare I can’t seem to wake from. Jesus Christ… What I’d give for this to just be a bad dream.

This whole nightmare started ever since that damn night. The night all this shit went to hell. The night that condemned us all to our inevitable untimely demise. It was just after prom night, and we had all just departed from the party, and decided it would be fun to sneak into the private country club’s pool place and have a few beers. God we were so dumb. We were just ignorant teens looking for some fun, and I swear I never knew this would happen.

It was off limits because the country club was for those spoiled rich people, and because the other half of the club was under construction. It didn’t look like there were any guards; I mean after all… we live in such a quiet town, who would suspect a couple of teens up to no good? We got inside the indoor pool and among the group were Audrey, Anderson, Jared, Brice, and I. We snapped open a few cans of beers, Audrey got frisky with Brice as usual while Jared, Anderson and I started fucking around and talking about sports.

After a few cans, we were all pretty smashed. Anderson thought it would be pretty cool if he could balance himself upside on his hands while they were balanced on two beer cans. We had all gotten stupid due to the alcohol, and we egged him on. God how I wish one of us stopped him. He successfully managed to do so, but it lasted for about ten seconds before he finally lost the strength to maintain his weight.

He attempted to get off, but the bottles slid across the wet floor. He fell backwards and into the pool. I’m guessing as he fell, his head hit the side of the floor and hurt his head before hitting the water. He fell in and began to bleed as bubbles frantically escaped his mouth. He made no effort to float up, nor did he flail around in panic. Brice panicked and jumped in for him as he continued to sink to the bottom. He pulled him out and placed him gingerly onto the floor.

Brice placed his two fingers onto Anderson’s neck and searched for a pulse. Anderson didn’t have one and we were all too scared to think. None of us even knew CPR. I remember it all as if it had happened a minute ago. Every single second of the event was burned into my memory, and it continues to haunt my dreams if it isn’t already haunted by him. We all knew we were in trouble, and Anderson’s chances of survival were obviously out of the question.

His head was smashed open from the back, and blood slowly oozed the wound. I think he was knocked out cold with the blow, possibly even already killed. If he had survived the hit, I’m guessing he quickly swallowed all the water and drowned. I remember Audrey frantically pacing around while sobbing and suggesting things. “We need to call the ambulance!” she said in a panicked voice. Brice got up and said “But how do we explain this!?”

“How do we explain that we illegally broke into a sports club, and illegally drank alcohol? How do we explain this without getting in trouble!?” he said. She continued to sob and Brice quickly responded by grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking her while saying “STOP CRYING! It’s not helping! I promise it’ll turn out okay somehow…” I really wish Brice was right. “But we can’t just leave him like this…” said Jared as he kneeled next to him.

“He’s dead… let’s just leave him here! Clean up the evidence and take all the cans, we can’t be caught!” Brice replied in a strict but shaking voice. I was completely against it, but what was I to do? I was scared and ignorant. Fear ran every inch of me and held no room for common sense. We did as Brice suggested and left the scene quickly.

Ever since that night, endless hordes of nightmares occurred, and so did many strange occurrences. Guilt ate away at all of us, and we all slowly grew mad. I can’t really go into much detail as to what happened next, since I only heard the things that happened, and personally didn’t experience them myself. I began to see Anderson everywhere. Sometimes at school, in the water’s reflection, in the crowds, in the TV, and in my dreams. He was after us all…

We just thought it was guilt getting the best of us, but Christ were we wrong. Eventually, Brice turned up dead. He took the loss much more heavily than we did, since they both grew up together. He couldn’t sleep, eat, and much less live his everyday life. It quickly went to hell. He complained about seeing him everywhere, sometimes even being tortured and hunted down in his dreams. He didn’t take showers either, since according to him, He could see and hear him in the water.

Audrey and Jared were the same, and I’ll admit I was even going insane as well. God, why didn’t we just call for help? Why did we abandon him? He was found dead on his couch with his lungs filled with water. There was no explanation as to how he drowned, and how the water ominously appeared in his lungs. There was no forced entry, no signs of struggle, no bruises, and no prints left behind, only water.

Eventually, Audrey ended up the same. She was found in her bath tub, lungs full of water, and a blunt and open wound at the back of her head. This was too much for us to take, and the dreams got so much worse. We were being hunted and slaughtered mercilessly. I began to see Anderson everywhere, and so did Jared. We spent every day in this horrific reality being reminded of our crime, and suffering the daily terrors Anderson had in store for us.

I went to go visit Jared as usual after school and was welcomed by the sickening sight of Jared hanging from his ceiling fan. He had killed himself. I couldn’t take this anymore. I’ve seen enough of Anderson, and the Insanity he’s made me endure continues to eat away at me. I feel unending pain, so much pain that death would be a fucking gift. If he were to kill me though, I doubt it’d be quick. I just can’t seem to end it myself. I don’t want to die.

I can’t handle much more of this. It’s already gotten to the point of physical assault, but he hasn’t finished me off yet. I think he may be back. I just heard something smash outside this room. He’s coming closer, God please save me. Anderson, I know I did you wrong. I’m so sorry, I swear I never meant for you to get hurt, and I wanted to call for help, I really did. Please forgive me, I really am sorry.

Had I known this would’ve happened, I would’ve stopped you. I feel him getting closer, and the urge to vomit has never been so strong. Please… someone save me. I feel crippling fear, beyond human comprehension. My body feels numb, and my sweat grew cold. My vision is blurred, and my ears continue to ring. I’m so sorry… Oh god he’s so close, literally standing outside the door.

  • the handwriting gets sloppy and hastily written*

My name is Tracy Arnolds, and I’m seventeen years old. I love my parents and my little sister so much. God how I wish I could see them one last time. How I wish I would live to see my little sister grow six, and give me the warm smile she always does when she sees me. To see my sister that looks up to me and loves me so. To see my loving mother and father. I don’t want to die. I love you guys so much, and I’m so sorry it had to end this way. I just want you guys to kno-

  • the rest of the ink is smudged all over the soggy and wet paper*