I wake up silently, without a sound. I am lying down on a bed, covered by blankets and the moonlight of a quiet night. I sit up and look around, re-familiarizing myself to my surroundings. I stand up, careful not to tread over the dog. I walk calmly towards the window.

I stare out into the driveway, past the car, the grass, the houses, and I gaze upon the moon. The wind blowing slightly against the curtains, I feel happy. Hearing a small sound, I look back towards the bed.

I see my wife, breathing softly, no other sound besides the wind. I walk back over to the bed and cover myself. I feel her warmth, her hair... her. I reach out to feel her hair, and my hand goes through her delicate head.

I nearly weep with sadness, for she begins to stir in her sleep. I should have never come here. I get back up, and head towards the door. I glance back at my wife. I feel pensive. It has been so long since I've felt my wife's touch.