While I absently gazed through the dusty window of our aged sedan, I realized that we had already passed that rock formation. Of course, this was quite alarming, so I quickly alerted my family. Their response was to ridicule me!

"All desert landscapes and formations look the same," they harmoniously exclaimed. Of course they do, I suppose I was just overreacting. It is very likely that my mind is just playing tricks on me since I have been doing nothing but staring at dirt for hours. It also seemed odd that I recalled that silly phrase of theirs' from earlier. What kind of scenic route is this anyway? We have not encountered a single example of Nature's beauty during the entire duration of this road.

I must admit that I was now a bit anxious. We have spent at least a couple hours on this road, and there doesn't seem to be any sign of change. Oh well, I suppose I'll quit thinking and get back to watching this lovely scenery. Wait- there's that rock again! This time I am absolutely positive that I just saw the same rock formation. I may as well stay silent about it, since I am already aware of my family's thoughts on it.

"All desert landscapes and formations look the same," they suddenly blurted out together.

Remind me to never agree with my family when they recommend taking the "timeless scenic route".