A Raven

Sometimes, when I would look into the sky, I would see him. He would follow me, and watch me. He seemed harmless, but one day, I saw him eating the entrails of a little dog. I thought that he was a monster. My only friend, a monster, just like my father.

I could remember him hitting my face, throwing me against the wall, and just beating me until I could see nothing. Just the raven's dark feathers, it seemed that was what I was floating through. But when he followed me, it seemed like he wasn't my friend anymore, but another person that just wanted to hurt me...

I can also remember laying my head down on a pillow, and see him perched on a dead tree branch outside my window.

He would watch me with eyes that seemed mean, and well, evil. Then my father would bang down my door, and close my dark curtains, and then, I could hear him fly away and I would cry.

Now, in a creek, naked, and bleeding, I can see him looking down on me, and it seemed like he was smiling. Was he happy that my father raped me, and left me to die in the icy waters? I would never know, but the last image I saw was him, coming down at my side. And I thought he was there to comfort me.

But he just tore into my stomach like that little dog.

Written by Nommehzombies
Content is available under CC BY-SA