Sometimes, I catch myself still watching you from a distance. I love the sound of your laugh, the warmth of your smile, and even the little things about you, like how you walk and the canter of your speech. It brings me comfort, yet, also brings me sadness.

I remember when that smile was just for me. I remember when you would laugh at my jokes, even when they weren't funny.

Sometimes, just standing back and watching you like this makes me want to cry, but I really don’t think I can anymore. The tears just won’t come out, now.

Sometimes, when you sleep, I still watch over you. I listen to you breathe, finding solace in the sound. You’re alive and well, resting comfortably.

I find myself often seething with jealousy. Who is this new person? Do they make you happy? Are they good to you like I was? I can only stand back and watch. After all, you’re not mine anymore.

Sometimes, I forget that when I try to place a kiss on your forehead as you rest. Sometimes I wonder if you even feel it.

I wonder more often if you even seen me. I try to synchronize my breathing with yours so you can’t hear me, but then I remember…

I don’t even breathe anymore.

You promised me... " 'til death do us part. " Have you forgotten our pledge so soon?

I kept my promise. Will you keep yours?

I wait patiently now, admiring you as you continue to live on and age. Though my body no longer lives, my soul still refuses to leave this plane until yours can join it.

I wait patiently for your death so we can be together again.

Written by Shinigami.Eyes
Content is available under CC BY-SA