My friend Lisa and I were going through her family photos recently when we came across this one. Nothing struck me as odd about it at first glance, but Lisa had a look on her face that put me on edge. Her eyes widened and they started darting around the living room as if she was listening for something, before fixing them on the TV across from us.

Naturally worried by her adverse reaction, I asked her what was the matter. After a few moments, she recomposed herself and said that normally as a kid she would talk to the TV when it was off or on static.

Her parents thought she had a strong imagination and didn't think anything of it when she said she had "a new best friend to play with". In fact, Lisa herself hadn't given it much thought until now.

I asked her what the problem was. She smirked, gave a nervous laugh and looked back to the television in the room, unable to stop staring at it.

It was at that point I took a second glance at the photo and saw what was in the TV.

Spooky tv face

The photo in Lisa's family album.