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Chapter 1: The Book Soon Comes

Today was a nice day in which in a few weeks, my book would come out in stores. It was about some of the most deadly animals and I thought it was pretty good. When it publishes, I should get enough money to buy a nice and big house with plenty of pets and furniture. This would be an amazing step up from where I am now.

The next day being a sunny day, I decided to go to the billiards/pool place to play a game of pool. I saw my friend Jamey with her brown hair and pale skin. She was usually a very happy person, but today she seemed to be dark and gloomy when I went up from the dark and dimly lit pool table. I decided to casually get out of that conversation, and as nicely as possible. I left the building after this happened.

The next few days were more normal. I played on the computer and played video games mostly.

The next few days, however, were more exiting. I went to play frisbee golf and and went for a few walks. But still, nothing much happened.

One week till my book will come out. I am very exited to see how it will sell, yet also nervous if I'll make enough money. I went to the book store to order my previous books to compare and I saw the words "I see you". I just thought this was graffiti, but was a little bit creeped out.

The next 5 days nothing much happened, other than a minor cold. I hoped this cold wouldn't stop me from doing anything I needed to, and that I would get over it fast.

When my book was put out in stores, it sold relatively well. I made a good amount of money. I bought one of the copies of my book to compare to some of my other ones. In my new book it said, "I'll murder you."

It was brand new with plastic wrap, and I didn't understand how it could have graffiti in it. I was scared by this.

Chapter 2: Time to Move

A few months later I had already found a new house by the beach, which was almost a mansion. The beach wasn't very crowded, but was still very nice. I would prefer to people watch, but it's still an amazing house. I already had money from my other books so I had enough money to buy the house, but not that much furniture yet.

When I went in the house, I noticed Halloween decorations were still up, they were some of the scariest decorations I had ever seen. They had realistic blood and guts everywhere, and such real looking spider webs I couldn't tell the real ones from the fake ones.

I noticed vials of blood on the counter. I knew about people who were into a vampire cult so I wasn't concerned much about this.

This house's atmosphere was frightening, and that was to say the least. I wasn't too sure if I would make it or leave the house and move somewhere else.

That night I heard cries and moans and heard footsteps. I was deathly afraid of ghosts so this was terrifying to me. I woke up and saw bloody footprints. Curiosity took over and I followed them. They led to an attic. I entered the attic, but luckily nothing was there. As I left I heard thunder and the room flashed and I saw a shadow of a person with a knife. I turned back, but no-one seemed to be there. I left the attic after that.

I went back to bed and slept. I had nightmares about beings stabbing me in the throat and eating my flesh. I woke up from a nightmare at 3:00 in the morning and went downstairs to the kitchen and saw a person with bloody hands and fingers cut off and he coughed a lot. I didn't wanna know if he was choking on his fingers or not, but he choked up a finger, so I knew now what he was choking on that night.

I went back to bed and had more nightmares,and I saw a dark figure eating another person when I woke up. There was a trail of fingers on the floor with much blood. I followed them to see what was there. I saw hair being ripped out from someone and people with blood coming out of their eyes, nose and mouth. I ran out of here as fast as I could.

I saw a figure dragging someone out on the beach. They dragged them out into the water and drowned then. Countless other people appeared out of thin air and did the same. Some of my neighbours turned zombie-like and started eating some of the bodies. In an instant, I ran back into my house to try to go through the back door so I didn't have to go on that horrible beach. Someone with a broken neck and a completely black eye with the other one missing making it difficult to tell if he had any eyes or not.

I ran to the beach which had the only exit and was getting surrounded by the terrifying and evil beings. I went to live with my friend till I could sell the house and move. I told him what happened, being the extremely honest person I am. He told me I was insane, but let me stay with him and told me about a psychiatrist. I stayed with him then sold the house and moved somewhere else.

When I moved I also went to see that psychiatrist and he prescribed me medication he said would help me. Thing is I didn't see things since I moved somewhere else. I was still paranoid though, so he prescribed me pills to help with paranoia. No medication since has worked.

One day I saw the guy with one eye again and countless people from my nightmare I had in reality. There were things coughing up fingers and beings drowning people in my bathrubs and sinks and I cannot sleep anymore. This is too much for me to take. I just wanna end my life, but I'm afraid of that too. I need help!

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