“I’m home!” You automatically announce as you step through the doorway. Like clockwork.

As you close the door behind you, you are taken aback by the appearance of your house. It was almost foreign. The place looked virtually untouched. The floor shined with a blinding gleam and even the cobwebs hanging on the ceiling which she hated removing were gone. Everything was in perfect order and not a speck of dust could be seen.

“Ah, she must’ve spent the day cleaning again,” you tell yourself as you remove your shoes.

You take tentative steps as you walk toward the bedroom, with a soft thud following each step. You take every precaution not to disturb the immaculate cleanliness of the house. You know how she is with these things and you wouldn’t want her to repeat herself. You wouldn’t do anything to upset your love.

The door to the bedroom was slightly ajar, allowing some light to shine through. You peek into the room and see her soundly asleep. The thin sheets wrapped around her body outlined her delicate figure. Her bosom, which slowly rose and fell with every breath she took, gave her the appearance of a serene goddess, so peaceful, so innocent, so vulnerable…

You tiptoe into the room, making sure not to disturb her rest. You couldn’t help but pause before her, admiring that beauty which was matched by no other woman, so you slip your hand beneath the sheets and slide it across her body just as she began to stir. She lets out a loud moan.

You undress and slide the covers off of her.

The experience was unlike any other you’ve ever had. Sure, you’ve done it with a lot of girls back in the day, but this one was different. It was almost as if it was unreal.

A subtle calm was settled across her face, and her features had a pleasant, almost radiant, shine to them. If it wasn’t for the large slash across her body, one would have thought she was still alive.

“She’s a keeper,” you tell yourself.