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A very old Joker card. Probably one of the very first.
"You first," Drake yelled.
A simple version of a Joker card.
SkeatzAdded by Skeatz

"Guys, I don't think this is a good idea," whimpered Trey.

Trey was the cautious type. He grew up with very struck parents, that would never let us hang out together outside of school until he turned 16. Drake, was like a leader of our small posse. He always knew what to do, at the right times. He was very daring. Basically the opposite of Trey.

Then, there's me. My name is Jason Brother. I've never met my mother, or father. My mom died at my birth. My dad however, abandoned mom before I was born, or so my aunt and uncle say. I have lived with them ever since my mom died.

"Don't be a pussy Trey, you're fucking 19 not 10! Your parents don't boss you around anymore",said Drake.

"Why is all the pressure on me? What about Jason?" said Trey. I got a little uneasy, my palms started sweating.

"You know what I'll do it", I said. We were at the old abandoned house near our university. The house was at least 150 years old. You could make out splotches of old wood worn out with paint over it. The wood was rotten, invested with termites gnawing away at the wood. Rats ran in the walls, or at least what was left of the walls.

There was a broken window at the 3 floor with the curtains flushed out by the wind. Over all it was a pretty big house. I always tried to avoid it when trying to walk back to my dorm from the store. And if I had to cross through the street with the house, I ran on the opposite side of the side walk. There was also a story which made the house ten times creepier.

The story said that a creature lived in the house. No one was sure what it was, but they say any one who went in the house never came out. Personally I'm skeptical, and there could be a logical explanation for why people disappear.

"I'll do it, it's not like that stupid legend is real", I said.

I slowly began to walk on the old wood patio of the abounded house. The disgusting destroyed wooden floor boards creaked as I walk. I flinched a little as I dodged a dead crow on the floor. A wave of ants was eating it away. I got a weird feeling as I place my hand around the door knob. I felt as if, I had been here before.

I shook it away quickly and slowly turned the knob. It released a loud screeching noise that hurt my ears. I opened the door and stepped in.

"See!", I said. "There is nothing to be afraid of." Right as I said that, I heard a loud crash upstairs.

"What the hell was that?", yelled Drake.

Both Drake and Trey ran to the front of the house.

"Well lets check it out",said Drake slightly pushing me out the way to get through.

I headed in cautiously, Trey followed. Drake shut the door behind us, it made a loud slam. The house was very dark. I pulled my phone out to use as a light. We all slowly headed up the stairs. The stairs creaked and squeaked as we headed up. Drake tried to open the first door, but had no luck because it was locked. We saw another door, but this one was wide open. We followed Drake into the room. It was the master bedroom.

"That's what made the noise",said Trey. We saw a collapsed table with a bag on top of it.

I walked towards the bag, and looked inside. There was a journal. Drake quickly snatches it from my hands. Lets read it. We opened to the first page. Trey being the best reader, read it out loud:

Hi. My name is Jay. I'm 26 years old, and my therapist recommended me I record in this once a week. Well, I'll start by telling you more about myself. I'm married to the most beautiful woman in the world. Her name is Morgan, and we just had a baby boy about 2 weeks ago. We live in a small house. About a mile away from the woods. I'm really into poker.

My wife says I shouldn't gamble, because we don't have much money as it is. I just can't stop though. I gamble with my friends, and you can never predict what anyone will bet. I work at the bar in the market plaza. We usually play poker there when I'm off. I've also achieved the nickname "ace" from the guys. I always pull aces. Usually winning a lot of the games.

May 7th. (The year was scratched out in pen.)

Jeez. I forgot to put the date in last weeks entry. Oh well, I can add it later. Anyways, there was a fight at the bar today between Jerry Russell and James loner. Jerry got the shit beaten out of him. James punched him in the nose and blood flew every where.

He fell to the ground, I'm not sure exactly what the fight was about, but I know for a fact Jerry was drunk. I had to clean up the mess from the fight. I started to gag as I cleaned up the blood. Then, laying on the ground, I saw a card. It was a joker card except, the joker didn't look normal.

It had large sharp teeth and it had an x on one of its eyes. There was some blood on it from the fight. The main thing that got me really uneasy was the smile. It crept into my soul. Oh and I forgot to mention a whole bunch of cops showed up. I don't understand why there was so many but whatever.

"This guy is a fucking weirdo",said Drake.

"Yeah I know", chuckled Trey.

"Yeah". I tried hard to laugh. Trey an Drake began to mock him. I felt sorry for the guy. He seemed kinda like a loser. Trey began to read again: March 12th (and again the year was scratched out)

Jerry died. I'm guessing that he hit his head really hard on the floor last week. Well, that doesn't matter. I didn't really know him. Oh and me and the boys played poker last night. There was about six of us. Joe, Tyler, Bill, Trenton, Paul, and me. Today wasn't my lucky day. I lost 20 bucks and my coffee machine.

Trent had his lucky day though. He was the one who won my 20 bucks. I kinda think he's a jerk. I don't think he thinks quite fondly of me either. He always makes uncalled for jokes about me. he also gets into arguments with me.Oh well it's what it is. I lost money and that was the past.

May 15th ( I think the years were scratched out on all of them.)

Today during poker, Trent put something on the table. Something magnificent. Something so beautiful. A shiny diamond ring. It shines in the light and reflected in my face. I can't really explain why it was so amazing, but it just was. Sadly today I didn't get it. Trent says it was his wedding ring that he doesn't need anymore. I want it so bad. I followed Trent to his car, just to get a good look at it. He told me to get lost. So I let him be and we all went home. I just hope Trent brings the ring again.

"Dude this guy is a fucking creep", yelled Drake. Eager to read on I told Trey to continue:

May 16th

I know I'm only doing these once a week but I...I just couldn't resist. I got the ring today. Trent said I won it fair and square. It was quite weird considering he didn't argue with me like he usually does. I'm just so happy. I got this beautiful creation from God. I examined it all day, I admired its beauty so much.

"Alright this is just weird why don't we stop?" I asked.

"Holy shit", laughed Drake. "This pussy cracks me up. Keep reading". Trey followed Drakes orders and continued:

(These next few had no dates.)

As I woke up today, I ran straight to the glass case I bought to hold the ring in, it was gone. Who would do this?! It couldn't have been Morgan. She would never do that to me. Who ever it was I will find out.

"Damn he is taking this ring seriously", I said.

"What the fuck is wrong with him?" Questioned Trey. He started reading again:

I got in to a fight...I thought Trent took the ring...I could tell he did.

He was just mad I won it fair and square. Any ways right when he showed up to the bar I punched him in the face and pushed him out the bar. I threw about 5 more punches. Blood from his mouth flew onto my fist. It was magnificent.

Everyone ganged up on me, I didn't care. It felt so good the way they all fell to the floor. Then I got angry. How could they do this, I thought they were my friends?! Curse those mother fuckers.

I...I can't believe it. Morgan took the ring. How dare she. I thought I could trust her. She betrayed me. She was the only person I thought I could trust. She thought it was a present I gave to her. I Said I would get back my ring. It was mine! How dare anyone take it from me?!

We were all getting silent.

"Is he g-g-going to kill her?" Trey asked.

"I don't even know man", I said.

"Keep reading," demanded Drake!

I got it back. It wouldn't come off her finger at first but I made it. She awoke, screaming for help. Fool. She didn't think I thought this out? I taped her mouth shut before we even started. I had to finish her. It was for her own good. I moved my fingers through her long blonde hair that was now stained red. I hid the body in the basement. I also had to care for the baby. We were completely silent. Trey looked like he was going to throw up.

"Keep reading!" Drake demanded once more.

I've been staying at the house for a couple of days now. Did I mention I found the same joker card? I decided I would like to create the beautiful image. I bought a jester costume at the part store. I got a kitchen knife and sliced off my ring finger. Luckily, I'm a skilled stitcher so I stitched Morgan's finger to where my ring finger was. Now I could have the two things that mattered most. Morgan and the ring.

There was a lot of blood, but I didn't mind the pain. I took the knife and made a giant x over my eye. I screamed surprisingly. Blood was all over my face. I didn't care because I was painting it white. I didn't have any face paint so I had to bleach my skin. It was even better than I expected. I used some of Morgan's mascara and smeared it over my mouth and my eye. I looked beautiful. Everything beautiful in the world I had. "There is no way in hell this is real", I said.

"Lets just stop and leave now", suggested Trey.

"Fine I'll read it pussy", yelled Drake. Drake started reading:

I finished the rest of my ex-friends, except for Trent, oh Trenton. He totally forgot about me. It's been about a year since I've talked to him, I'll be sure to play a good game with him...

Me and Trent played poker.

He kept begging me to let him live.

So I thought of a game, he'd bet his life.

If I'd win, he'd die. If he'd win, he'd live. See? Simple as that.

He cried through the whole game. Come on Trenton I thought you were brave. Did I mention I've been living in Trent's house for the past year?

I sent the baby to a his aunt and uncle to take care if him. I left a note saying his name was Jason and left him on the door step.


Named after me.

What a beautiful name.

Anyways I've been living in his attic to watch him and the guys play poker. It's quite entertaining. Finally I got to join. I also brought the rest of the gang to join us. They weren't very good.

At the end I pulled some aces. He lost. It was a good game though. I slit his neck open with a quick slice. Blood squirted everywhere. It was amazing.

I removed his eyeball. I placed it in my eye. It was a bad eye ball. I couldn't see but an eye ball is an eye ball. Now I had two eye balls again.

Trent's wife came into the house. Oh boy was she a screamer. It took forever to shut the bitch up. The neighbors called the cops, I had to leave quickly. I had the joker card from earlier.

I stuck it in the slit in Trent's neck. I sprinted to the back yard and jumped the fence. I ran into the woods. I could hear the police sirens. I took shelter in my old house, it'll have to do for now.

"It's just a prank. Right?" asked trey. We were all silent.

"There is no way he's in this house" Trey added. "How would he have survived?"

Trey was right. Unless he was living off rats and termites. No way. Drake was frozen. He had something in his hands. It was a note. He sat there for a good three minutes.

"This fell out the note book". He began reading it:

Lets play a game.

We heard a loud crash In another room.

"I'll check it out", said Trey.

"D-don't" I stuttered. He was already gone.

We sat in silence for a good 3 minutes. Suddenly, we heard a loud scream from the hall way. Drake and I sprinted upwards. Drake ran into the hallway without me. I got to the beginning of the hallway. The locked door was open. It led to another hallway. I could see light coming from the last room. I ran and tripped right at the door. There was Drake being held by the neck by a tall man. He was dressed in a blood stained jester outfit. I tackled the man to the floor.

I saw what I think was a shriveled up eye fall onto the floor. The man looked exactly like the journal's descriptions. He had a x on his eye, bleached skin, and most disturbing of all, he had a shriveled up finger with a ring on it.

Drake punched the man and I quickly started kicking him. He grabbed Drake by the chest and threw him to the ground. I picked up a chair and threw it at the man. I then noticed we were in a poker room. In the chairs were old dead bodies. I then noticed the room stunk horribly.

Drake told me to run.

"What about Trey?" I yelled.

He pointed towards a chair and I saw a lifeless Trey. I could see tears coming from drakes eyes. This was the first time I've ever seen him cry. The man got up and yelled:

"Lets play a game! Come on it'll be fun!"

Drake screamed: "Run!"

We got up and sprinted down the hallway. Drake froze and hit the ground. Blood splattered everywhere. He had a knife in his leg.

"Get up Drake!" I screamed. The man started walking towards us.

"So beautiful", he said." You've grown up to be a beautiful boy."

"Who the hell are you?" I demanded.

"Sad. You don't even remember your own daddy?"he said. "Didn't the journal give you any clues? I've been waiting for you, 19 years to be exact. I had to break your friends to get your attention, beautiful boy."

"You're a fucking monster!"

"Now don't talk like that to you're own father. Your mother would have been mad."

It hit me. I grabbed the knife out of Drakes leg and sprinted towards him. I stabbed him right in the chest.

"So beautiful", he said.

"LEAVE!" Yelled Drake. I ran out down the hall. The man started chasing me, yelling:

"Don't go!" I ran down the flight of stairs. I stormed out the house. I grabbed my phone and called 911. I screamed desperately for help.

The cops showed up. They searched the house.

"Nothing", a man said.

"What the fuck do you mean 'nothing'?! ", I said. " I just watched my best friends get murdered and all you can say is nothing?!"

"Look", the cop started, "We found some blood stains in the hall but no body's were found."

I started to cry. That man was out there. He was alive. I knew he was.

It's been a year since the incident. The cops had no trails to lead on. I know he is still out there.

I'm going to find him, what ever it takes. I also forgot to say the cops found something on the crime scene. It was a joker card. Exactly like the one in the journal. I will never forget the experience in the old house.

Please, no matter how many people dare you to do something, don't cave in. Take it from me. Just remember that. Always remember this story, the story of a Joker.

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