A Drip in the Dark

Drip, drip, drip was all that could be heard through the house and was driving the man into a state of insomnia. He kept twisting and turning in his bed, doing all he could to drive out the irritating noise.

The man eventually got so infuriated by this noise that he left the warm embrace of his bed and into the freezing night.

He walked across the pitch black house accompanied by the steady pitter-patter of his slippers. Whilst walking to inspect this nuisance of a tap, he felt as if someone or something was watching his movements in the night.

He reached his bathroom where the repetitive dripping sound was coming from and switched on the light which only gave a small pop sound and barely a spark of light.

The man groaned at the broken light bulb and continued to the sink where the dripping had strangely stopped. Confused and aggravated, he pulled his head back from the sink. Just before he left, the dripping started again and was followed by a low giggle from behind...