My sister and I were having a beer on the front porch of our father's house. It was a humid night in early August. It was relatively quiet, except for the sounds of little critters running around in our father's garden and bugs flying around.

After a while, it got late and my sister was exhausted from the long drive over, so she looked visibly tired. She said she wanted to show me something inside. I told her I would meet her inside in about twenty minutes, as I wanted to finish off my beer. She responded in a strange way. Her tone changed from drowsy to disgusted. She gave me a look and walked away.

After a while lost track of time, and being as tired as my sister, I fell asleep on the front porch. I woke up about five times during the night, though. It was the sound of something in the garden. I dismissed the noise as being from a raccoon or other small animal the first few times, but by the third time I was concerned. I decided to investigate the racket.

Using my cell phone as a flashlight, I scanned the garden. To my surprise, I saw footprints and some strange liquid. I found this peculiar as my father had not watered the plants that day and he would never step in the garden. Using the light of my phone, I followed the footprints to my father's shed. I slowly walked up to the shed to get a closer look.

I found the lock busted and door opened slightly. I heard some quiet breathing, then a loud clatter. I ran to hide. On short notice, I could only hide under the porch. My view was obstructed by the garden, but someone was definitely outside. I thought it could have been my father, or sister looking for me, but she probably wouldn't look in the shed. After a few minutes or so, the person left so I went back to sleeping in the chair on the porch.

I woke up after feeling someone poke my shoulder. "Wake up," she said softly. I turned around and she was, smiling. She seemed excited. Next time she spoke, she shouted. "I need to show you that thing!" She grabbed my arm and pulled me into the house.

She yanked through my father's narrow hallways as she lead me to his bedroom. She opened the door to reveal my dad, bound and gagged. His face was beaten and bloodied and he was crying and screaming. I stared at him for a minute, trying to come to my senses. Then, he started frantically trying to get my attention. That's when I turned around to see my sister.

Then, all I saw was a shovel coming my way...