I don’t know you and you don’t know me. The reason you are receiving this is not because you are special, although I guess you can say that you will be, but because you just happened to stumble upon these papers I decided to write in my time of dying… I mean I can’t really write if my eyes have nails through them.

Accepting my death, I feel that the only thing I have left to contribute to this world is my story and that is where you come in. You can share this with others so all of you feel the pain I went through, or you can keep it to yourself and suffer alone; becoming more insane each day until the fourth day.

Now you can’t expect me to tell you what is going to happen to you then now can you? I want you to read and imagine what I went through, to make you, I guess you could say, more prepared.

Alright, well this is taken straight from my black notebook. I hope you find it soon so you can believe me.

Can’t keep wasting time:

February 10th, 2014

Well, this is I guess a side track to what I normally write on here, but I thought that this was interesting enough that I could write my thoughts the next day.

I was working on a project for my English class last night. It was about 3 a.m. and I was wide awake. All I wanted to do was just finish the project and go to sleep so I wouldn’t fall asleep in the physics class I had the following morning.

I was nearing the end of the project; I finished writing down all the meat of it and just needed to work with some of the aesthetics since my anal teacher would try to find the smallest errors. While I was fixing some grammatical typos, I felt my phone vibrate. Being more curious than shocked by the fact that someone would text me that late I decided to continue on my project and savor the fascinating sensation of curiosity. After three minutes of working on my project, another text came. Now I really couldn’t hold it in, obviously this person wanted to talk to me and had something of importance that he or she felt I needed to know.

I checked my phone and to my astonishment the number was (000) 000-0000. At first glance, I thought it was some advertisement that sent me a text about how I had won a free trip to some island. I opened the text and the first message just said: “Hi.” Following those two eerie letters was: “Don’t ignore me please. I do not like being ignored.”

I have a good amount of friends and a lot of them like playing jokes, so I began trying to figure out which one of them was writing to me.

3:34 A.M. It: “Hi.” 3:37 A.M. It: “I do not like being ignored.”

3:38 A.M. Me: “I am sorry your lordship, I didn't mean to keep you waiting.”

3:41 A.M. It: “I do not think your joke is that funny.”

3:41 A.M. Me: “Oh I'm sorry your lordship, I didn't mean to play jokes with you XD”

3:43 A.M. It: “If you do not stop, you will not sleep.”

3:44 A.M. Me: “Ooohhh really, what are you gonna do, send me a picture of your face?”

Soon after I wrote that the person did not say anything else. I admit that I am a bit scared because as it said, I could not sleep, at least not enough to savor those few hours I had to rest.

About an hour into my sleep, I began having a dream about my girlfriend. In that dream she started undressing herself in one of the most sexual ways I could have imagined and when she finished she walked towards me and took my clothes off. Enjoying all these realistic sensations flowing though my body, at one point I tilted my head up and clothes my eyes when I felt a searing pain in my crotch area. I looked down and she was holding a knife in her hand and was stabbing me repeatedly in that same area, just looking at me and smiling as the blood squirted all over her face and I, paralyzed, screamed and cried in agony.

I awoke and just stared at the ceiling of my dorm, too scared to move my head to any direction in this dark room. I stayed like this for about two hours until the sun began to rise and my roommates woke up. By then I felt somewhat safe and just let my day continue.

It is around 1:30 p.m. right now, I am almost done with my classes and I have not gotten any word from my mysterious friend yet, although a part of me doesn’t want it to write again.

End Note

If only I knew then what I know now. I probably would have still been alive, no I would have died anyway haha. Have you ever had that feeling when you know you are going to die and can't do anything to stop it from happening? Well everyone should have that feeling because everyone dies eventually even if it is from natural causes, but you… I am afraid I can't say the same for you.

Alright well here is the next entry I have written down.

February 11th, 2014

Cheese and rice, now I'm ready to shit my pants. It happened again last night. I stayed up late playing some online games, since I did not have class until the afternoon.

When I was in the middle of the game, I felt my phone vibrate again and it was that same number, that daunting (000) 000-0000. As soon as the message came in I picked up my phone and read it.

2:49 A.M. It: “Hi.”

2:49 A.M. Me: “Hey”

2:51 A.M. It: “I see that you learned your lesson.”

2:52 A.M. Me: “What”

2:54 A.M. It: “You did not keep me waiting.”

2:55 A.M. Me: “Haa, very funny. I figured out who you are dumbass.”

2:59 A.M. It: “I would appreciate it if you did not use that kind of language on me.”

3:08 A.M. Me: “Ha, fuck you Lyle. You idiot I'm trying to play a game and you're making me lose.

3:09 A.M. It: “You made me wait again and you used those words on me. Remember the eyes.”

3:10 A.M. Me: “Leeaavee me aloone.”

Again, it just stopped writing to me out of nowhere and the following day after actually having a few hours of sleep I woke up having almost completely forgotten all those mes-sages. I was going through my day, but soon after going to class, I realized that my perception was deceiving me at random moments.

When I was trying to focus in class, I would turn to the window waiting for the class to finish and strange people I had never seen before would stand in the window staring at me.

I tried not looking but every five minutes there was someone else in the window, and whenever I would walk around there would always be someone staring at me. Lucky for me Im done with my classes and I’m back in my dorm away from all those dead glaring eyes.

I’m gonna call every one who would play like this with me, and even that number. I’ll write again tomorrow. I don’t know what’s gonna happen.

End Note

I only have about thirty minutes left. How I wish those thirty minutes would just come.

Okay well here’s the next part.

February 12th, 2014

I can’t take this anymore! This is a bunch of shit, I don’t know what it is that I'm facing, at least with those other things I've read about there’s some object or figure that I know I am supposed to stay away from. But with this, i don't know what the hell I'm dealing with. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be afraid of, I don't know what to run away from.

How am I supposed to live in peace anymore? None of my friends admitted to playing any jokes with me recently.

And when I called the phone number, the strangest thing happened. This little boy answered. I was able to talk to his mom and told her that I had been receiving messages from that number, but she just said that there wasn't any sign on her phone of messages being sent to my phone.

After about ten minutes of waiting, I called again, only this time I was answered by what sounded like a middle-aged man. I told him that I had recently spoken with a little boy and his mom on that phone but he said just said he lived by himself and that I had the wrong number.

Then trying to take my mind off everything, I began working out. It made me feel stronger at the moment, giving me the feeling of invincibility. It worked half an hour but pretty soon I got the texts again.

2:44 A.M. It: “Hi.”

2:45 A.M. Me: “What do you want. This game is not funny anymore, please stop.”

2:45 A.M. It: “When did I give the slightest hint that this was supposed to be fun? Besides just relax a bit longer, this is all going to be over soon. I promise.”


2:49 A.M. It: “Because why not. You are not the only one who I have had the pleasure of speaking too. You are not special if that is what you are thinking. You are just alive.

2:51 A.M. Me: “But I never did anything bad, I'm just trying to go about living my life. why are you even doing this, you freaking idiot!

2:53 A.M. It: “If you had read what I just told you, you are not special, the reason I chose you was because you are temporarily alive. As for my motive… because I can.

2:55 A.M. Me: “What do you mean temporarily alive, I'm not going to die anytime soon dammit, I didn't do anything wrong JUST FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE.”

2:59 A.M. Me: “Answer me you fat fuck.”

3:02 A.M. Me: “You better hope I don’t find you.”

So far throughout my day nothing strange has happened yet. I just want it to leave me alone, why the hell is it bothering me, out of all the people in the world, why me? I’m sure after a while it will just leave me alone. But the worst part of it all is the waiting. Every now and then it will take about an extra minute or so to say what it has to and that’s the moment when I get the sensation of being watched. I can’t stand it. I wish it would just finish having its fun and leave me alone, or that it would at least type faster.

End Note

Being so close to dying I feel a form of relaxation flowing through my body. I know I can’t change anything so there’s no point in trying to deny what is going to happen to me, the same thing that will happen to everyone, to you. I guess in a way you could say I enjoy this sensation, just not caring, having my soul floating in my inanimate body ready to fly away and be set free.

Oh the shivers and the adrenaline. I don’t know if I would have preferred to have more or less time.

I guess I’ll just show you what it wrote to me just a few minutes ago.

February 13th, 2014

3:13 A.M. It: “Hi.”

3:13 A.M. Me: “Leave me alone, leave me alone, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!”

3:14 A.M. It: “Do not worry, I will soon enough. Just wait about an hour or so and it will all be done.”


3:18 A.M. It: “Now I thought I told you before, that is no way to talk to me. Just relax, I would suggest going to sleep. Then you will not feel as much pain when the nails are inserted in your eye sockets. Besides when did I ever lie to you?”

3:19 A.M. Me: “No, you can go fuck yourself and rot in a sewer, I'm not gonna die.”

3:20 A.M. Me: “Write to me you damn bitch, what are you afraid of?”

3:22 A.M. Me: “When I see you I hope you have a damn gun because I will kill you, I don't care what happens to me afterwards.”

End Note

This you will not find on the notebook. These are my last words that I now write as I wait for whatever it is I am exactly waiting for.

Okay there is a knock on my door, I'm gonna go get it and when I'm done killing this ass-hole that has been bothering me I'll come back here and tell you who it is.

My roommate was drunk and did not have his keys. He was trying to go back to bed and I bashed his head with my guitar. What have I done. I just thought he was the one who was texting me so I closed my eyes and struck. I think I'm going to lose my mind. Wait… I hear the sound of breathing behind my neck as I’m typi-